Sunday, May 28, 2006

Domestic Broadcast Survey 8

The Danish Shortwave Club International, has released their annual Domestic Broadcast Survey, edited by Chairman Anker Petersen. Information is based on worldwide monitors and DX bulletins. A06 schedules are included when available. This 8th edition is divided into four parts.
Part 1: All active broadcasting stations on 2300-5700 kHz.
Part 2: Domestic stations on international shortwave bands above 5700 kHz broadcasting to a domestic audience.
Part 3: All Active Clandestine shortwave stations are listed with schedules and identifications.
Part 4: Deleted frequencies between 2 and 8 MHz, which have not been reported during the past four years.
I’ve used this excellent source for years and highly recommend it. For ordering information and a sample PDF extract from Survey 8, from their website at