Friday, March 02, 2007

Bermuda launches new FM Magic 102.7

Magic 102.7 was launched on Saturday as Bermuda’s newest radio station. Inter Island Communications, who own HOTT 107.5, have set up their second station aimed at a more mature audience. Glenn Blakeney, station manager, said the station would be broadcasting the hits of today and yesterday. He said it would be mostly automated

Blakeney added that at the weekends, Magic 102.7 would take a community-based broadcast approach. “We want to bring live sports back. It’s not just going to be soccer or organized sports; we want to do school sports. We want to be very community orientated and we’re committed to that.” There will also be two hours of salsa music and an evening talk programme. Mr. Blakeney also said most of the talk programmes will switch from HOTT to Magic; the only one to remain at 107.5 will be the one best fitting their demographic - a new programme called Hott from the Streets, aimed at Bermuda’s youth.
(Source: Bermuda Sun/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)