Monday, July 05, 2010

chasing pirate radio

thanks to the folks at Free Radio Weekly for sharing what pirate fans are logging on the bands.
Gayle VH

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I'll be reviewing Andrew Yoder's newly released book, 2010 Pirate Radio Annual

Ragnar has created a page with current pirate addresses. Check it out at:

Radio Atlantic 2000 International
Now on our website, you can listen our last broadcast from July 2, 2010 at:

Pirate logs
All times UTC *sign-on/ sign-off*

Captain Morgan
0133-0155, 6925.25/AM. SINPO 33343. Really great, highly candid commentary on the BP oil spill. Station ID "Captain Morgan", with e-mail address. Tuned away on 0155. My third reception of Capt. Morgan this month. Sent reception report and received QSL for this reception, my first from Capt. Morgan…thank you! (Patalon, MD).

Outhouse Radio
0409, 6932/AM. SINPO 35323. Music tunes of Surfing Safari, Love Me Do. Strong signal, somewhat muddy. Mentioned he was on a home brew transmitter. (Ragnar)

Partial India Radio
2343-2357*, 6925.07AM. Story with music. Mentioned Stoneham. MA and gave e-mail (no copy). Poor signal with very little copy, cleanest in LSB. Station ID per FRN posts. (Frodge-MI)

Radio Ronin
0107-0202,* 6950AM. SINPO 44452. Really nice music program,including selections from Steve Guitar Miller, Warren Zevon,Uriah Heep and others. Solid IDs. My first ever reception of Radio Ronin. Program closedown at 0202 UTC. Sent reception report and requested QSL.(Patalon, MD)

Voice of KAOS
0016-0045,* 6924.50SN. SINPO 43343. Good music, including She’s a Super Freak, Whip It and the Get Smart Theme. Station ID "Voice of Kaos," with e-mail address. Invited QSL requests. Off at 0045. Sent reception report, hoping for QSL (Patalon, MD)

Wolverine Radio
0226 or so, 6925USB. SIO 232. Signal very weak. Music from Bee Gees, Stevie Wonder, and tune, Do You Think I'm Sexy. Coming up to 433 at 0234, ID at 0238 but I couldn't make it out. ID from #pirateradio. Music is very strong but the ID was inaudible to me (Fansome, PA)
(all logs via FRN # 751/Harold Frodge)

Zender Postoffice to return to the air
After the success of the test transmissions over the last week of Zender Postoffice, it will launch on Sunday 18th July at 18:00 UTC (19:00 UK time - 7pm).

The website is
The email address is:

After the launch, transmissions will be at random times, apart from a few scheduled programs. A list of programs can be found on the website.

Reception reports are very welcome indeed. All correct reports will be verified with a QSL card, either by email or snail mail.
Ronnie Rodent - The Mouse Mouse About Your House

Pirate Weeks Podcast with Ragnar Daneskjold
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No need for a broadcast version, this week is clean.
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July 3-4th pirate logs
6930 DSB. Radio First Termer. Already on when I started at 2201. Chatter between guys about pirate radio and other things, 2207 and 2213 Web site. History of the station by operator Dave Rabbit. Program seemed to be a loop. Still going when the computer battery died at 0149. Was getting a carrier on 6929.92 2305-2310, 2325-2332fair at times. Best in the last 20 minutes. (3-4 July/Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX)

6924. Captain Morgan. Signal first came on at 2318:10 on 6924.64, and music about thirty seconds later and mainly uncopiable announcement except for ".we'rebroadcasting." Into Blues music program. Distorted announcement at 2348 with possible station ID, 0020 brief "Captain Morgan Shortwave" ID. At 0125 e-mail address.Announcements were distorted. Poor but best after 0140. Station still on at 0149. Drifting down to 6923.9. (3-4 July/Dave Valko, PA/Cumbe DX)

6955, WMPR. Signal came on at 2349:57, and rock music began at 2349:30.Canned ID by male and frequency by woman at 2358. Same announcement throughout the broadcast. Station off at 0036:47. Massive S-9 +20 signal. (3-4 July/Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX)

July 4
6925USB. SRV Radio. Tune-up about 0128, finally on by 0132 with Let Me Love You Baby. Fading a bit as Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes Texas Flood, Honey Bee and Tightrope followed. ID as, "this is SRV Radio...the best in blues radio" Signal fading more by 0150, total fade out by 0155. No mention of an email contact (or at least I didn't hear it) (Gayle Van Horn, NC)

6955USB. Devil Radio. 0153-0208. Signal poor with fading and co-channel pirate interference. Heavy metal tunes from Megadeath and maybe mentioned their website. Hard to copy with fading and low mod. (Rod Pearson, FL)