Friday, November 25, 2011

WRN Newsletter Updates

Sunday, November 27 2011: A Prairie Home Companion
Coming to us this week, a live broadcast performance of "A Prairie Home Companion" from the Town Hall in New York. With special guests Jazz keyboard legend Dick Hyman and his brilliant violinist daughter Judy Hyman, Israeli accordionist Uri Sharlin and vocalist Heather Masse. Also on the show, the Royal Academy of Radio Actors; Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, and the latest News from Lake Wobegon.

In Africa and Europe: 1100 UTC / 1200 CET / 1300 CAT

Asia Calling

Sunday, November 27 2011: Asia Calling

Developed to reflect the lives and reality of citizens across the region, "Asia Calling" is a weekly radio programme from Indonesia’s Radio News Agency KBR68H.

Burma: the end of politics in exile? Aung San Suu Kyi will try to win a seat in Burma's parliament in forthcoming by-elections. Her National League for Democracy (NLD) have operated outside of the political system for years after they won a landslide election victory in 1990 but the result was never recognised by the ruling generals. Now the NLD has announced that urging the military to accept the results is no longer ‘realistic’ and they are joining the military's political process. As Nay Thwin reports it looks like the end of the political struggle outside the country.

Pakistani Hindus denied marriage and funeral rights. Hindus in Pakistan are being forced to bury dead bodies instead of cremating them because there are few places where they are allowed to carry out the practice. Hindus make up around 5 percent of the population in Pakistan; the majority are Muslim. Another problem facing the community is that they can’t legally marry. Shahab Rahman in Peshawar and Yaseer Khan in Islamabad take a look at the challenges facing this religious minority.

20 years on, families still look for the bones of love ones killed in the Santa Cruz massacre. 20 years ago this month, more than 250 unarmed students died when occupying Indonesian troops fired on a memorial procession to the Santa Cruz cemetery in East Timor. A further 250 are missing, believed dead, and nearly 400 others were wounded. Only a tiny number of the bodies from that day have been found. As Leoneto Gonsalves reports from Dilli, the families want the government to do more so they can finally put their love ones to rest.

Through art, China takes a look at climate change: floods, drought, extreme heat. The effects of global warming have shown their distruptive potential in many corners of the world. With the UN Climate Change Conference opening in Durban next Monday, attention will be on China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Coal, the most polluting fossil fuel, accounts for 70 percent of China's energy supply. Though the government is heavily investing in alternative and sustainable types of energy, it is unlikely that China will move away from its dependency on coal any time soon. Green activists say, there is insufficient public information about climate change in China. Rebecca Valli looks at how, through art, environmentalists are working to get the message out.

These stories and more this week on "Asia Calling".

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In Europe: 2100 UTC / 2200 CET

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Radio Australia

Friday, November 27 2011: Radio Australia

From dreaming to depression, addiction to artificial intelligence, consciousness to coma, psychoanalysis to psychopathy, free will to forgetting - "All in the Mind" explores the human condition through the mind's eye.

In Europe: 0800 UTC / 0900 CET

In Africa and Asia 1730 UTC / 1830 CET / 1930 CAT

Radio Guangdong

Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27 2011: Radio Guangdong

Radio Guangdong, established in October 1949, is a leading radio group in south China. Radio Guangdong programmes cover political, economic, social and cultural issues; programmes about Guangdong, programmes about Guangdong people and programmes linking Guangdong with the world.

In North America: Sat 1200 ET / 0900 PT
Sun 2030 ET / 1730 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: Sat 0015 UTC / 0215 CAT
Sat 1945 UTC / 2145 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: Sat 0015 UTC / 1015 AEDT Sat 1945 UTC / 0645 (Sun) AEDT

In Europe: Sat 2045 UTC / 2145 CET

Radio Netherlands

Friday, November 25 and Saturday, November 26 2011: Radio Netherlands

On this week's "Earth Beat": Wild things.

This week we go really wild. From bees in search of pastures new, to plastic-eating albatrosses and a visit to the world's very first sustainable sea farm. It’s seaweed for all and more.

Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27 2011: Radio Netherlands

In "The State We're In", Jonathan Groubert and his team look at current events from an unexpected perspective.

This week: Tough guys.

A “snatchback” detective, who returns children to their parents in other countries. A mountaineer, who was left for dead on Mt. Everest, but lived to tell the tale. Ex-pro hockey “enforcer” Georges Laraque, who’s now a Green Party vegan. And a man named Bill, whose sex drive was the bane of his existence... until he castrated himself.

Monday, November 28 2011: Radio Netherlands

This week on "Bridges with Africa": Chimurenga, the struggle for ideas in Africa.

Aid and the path to corruption: Ugandans debate Dutch moves to cut international funding. Surprisingly, many Ugandans believe that aid is more trouble than it’s worth.
Passing the buck. The blame game that’s destroying the Niger Delta. We have a special report on the environmental disaster in Nigeria that no one wants to put right. Helene Michaud reports on the impasse between oil giant Shell and the villagers, whose lives have been blighted by oil pollution.
Sister Act, the musical. An interview with the Cape Verde singer who’s taking Vienna by storm with rave reviews from Austria’s theatre critics.

Radio Netherlands broadcast times:
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1800 ET / 0300 PT

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2200 UTC / 0000 CAT

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2200 UTC / 0900 AEDT

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Radio New Zealand International

Saturday, November 26, Sunday, November 27 and Monday, November 28 2011: Radio New Zealand International. RNZI is New Zealand's only shortwave station, broadcasting to the Island nations of the Pacific. Its broadcasts range from Papua New Guinea in the west across to French Polynesia in the east, covering all South Pacific countries in between.

In North America: Mon - Fri 1200 ET / 0900 PT

Sun 1530 ET / 1230 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: 1700 UTC / 1900 CAT

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Sun 0530 UTC / 0630 CET

National Public Radio

Saturday, November 26 2011: NPR "Fresh Air"

"Fresh Air" with Terry Gross, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programmes. Though "Fresh Air" has been categorised as a "talk show", it hardly fits the mould. Its 1994 Peabody Award citation credits "Fresh Air" with "probing questions, revelatory interviews and unusual insights". A variety of top publications count Gross among America's leading interviewers. The show gives interviews as much time as needed, and complements them with comments from well-known critics and commentators.

In Europe: 1100 UTC / 1200 CET

Radio Romania International

Friday, November 25 and Saturday, November 26 2011: Radio Romania International

In "Terra in the 21st Century", the presenters will take a look at Romania’s virgin forests. The country boasts 250,000 hectares of wild forests, accounting for 65% of Europe’s untouched woodlands. Green watchdogs are taking steps to place these lands under strict protection.

Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27 2011: Radio Romania International

"World of Culture” opens the doors of the “National Theater Festival”. “Man, this strange creature”; these words uttered by the famous Russian playwright Chekhov, were used as the slogan for the 21st National Theater Festival, which came to a close in November. Also on the show, the “RRI Encyclopedia”, takes us to the Bellu Mansion, one of the main tourist attractions in the town of Urlati, Prahova county, in southern Romania. This emblematic building is considered a jewel of the old Romanian style. And all gourmets are invited to experiment with another recipe in “The Cooking Show”, this week it is “smoked trout”.

Sunday, November 27 and Monday, November 28 2011: Radio Romania International

"Inside Romania" tells us stories from the Byzantine Ark. In the history of Romanian music, Byzantine psalm singing or chanting was the only musical genre transmitted orally or by musical notation until the 1880’s. Byzantine music manuscripts are the most important documents when attempting to reconstruct the world of sounds of the 15th to 18th centuries. After a period of decline, it was only after 1990 that Byzantine music saw a revival, in Bucharest, Iasi and other Romanian cities hosting old monasteries.

Monday, November 28 and Tuesday, November 29 2011: Radio Romania International

This week's "Pro Memoria" profiles Queen Marie of Romania, one of the greatest political personalities of Romania. She is also known as the nurse-queen, for having taken special care of those injured on the battlefield, during the war.

Tuesday, November 29 and Wednesday, November 30 2011: Radio Romania International

This week, “Business Club” takes a look at the machinery and farming equipment industry in Romania.

Wednesday, November 30 and Thursday, December 1 2011: Radio Romania International

In "Society Today", the new law on stray dogs in Romania comes under scrutiny, the more so as this is a long-standing problem in the country.

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1730 ET / 1430 PT

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RTE Ireland
Saturday, November 26 2011: RTE Ireland

"Seascapes" is Radio 1's weekly maritime programme, providing comprehensive coverage of the marine sector presented by Marcus Connaughton.

This week's "Seascapes" features: Common Fisheries Policy proposals with Sean O'Donoghue / Ordeal by Ice-Ships of the Antarctic by Rorke Bryan / Islands with Olwen Gill / Winners of Fresh Water Birds of Ireland.

In Africa and the Middle East: 0330 UTC / 0530 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 0330 UTC / 1430 AEDT

In Europe: 1900 UTC / 2000 CET

Sunday, November 27 2011: RTE Ireland

"Off the Shelf", presented by Andy O'Mahony, is RTÉ Radio 1's book programme in which a carefully selected panel of contributors are set loose on one topic or individual. This week, Andy O'Mahony talks to Deborah Mattinson, author of "Talking to a Brick Wall".

In North America: 2100 ET / 1800 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: 0330 UTC / 0530 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 0330 UTC / 1430 AEDT

This Way Out

Saturday, November 26 2011 to Monday, November 28 2011: "This Way Out"

On this week's show: A lesbian comic's audience participation freaks out a Fringe Festival / Equality opponents get "standing" in Proposition 8's shadow / A UN agency fears Nigeria's proposed marriage and advocacy bans / Two Malaysian states consider double jeopardy for LGBT Muslims / Hong Kong sees its 22nd annual Lesbian and Gay Film Festival / religious exemptions get excised from Michigan's anti-bullying bill. All this and more LGBT news.

In Africa and the Middle East: Sun 0930 UTC / 1130 CAT
Sun 2030 UTC / 2230 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: Sun 0930 UTC / 2030 AEDT
Sun 2030 UTC / Mon 0730 AEDT

In Europe: Sat 1030 UTC / 1130 CET
Sun 1730 UTC / 1830 CET

United Nations Radio
Saturday, November 26, Sunday, November 27 and Monday, November 28 2011: United Nations Radio "UN and Africa"

"UN and Africa" is a weekly radio programme that aims to cover topical and current affairs-related stories about what the UN is doing for Africa, in Africa and about Africa.

African countries continue to lag behind in industrialization, which could help them to boost their economies. Africa Industrialization Day is observed on 20 November each year to put a spotlight on the issue. The head of the UN Industrial Development Organization says, African countries need to speed up their industrialization process.

Cameroon and Nigeria continue their efforts to resolve a border dispute. Military confrontations over the dispute broke out between the two West African neighbours in the 1990s. The International Court of Justice made a ruling on the issue in 2002.

The number of new HIV infections in Sub-Saharan Africa has dropped by more than 26 percent, says a new UNAIDS report. It attributes the drop to better access to HIV treatment. The report also says that 70 percent of people living with HIV, still reside in the region.

In Africa and the Middle East: Sun 1030 UTC / 1230 CAT
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In Europe: Sun 0500 UTC / 0600 CET

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