Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Logs edited for clarity

* sign-on / sign-off*

All times UTC

4949.75, 0457-0512. African hi-life music at tune-in. Just before the top of the hour, heard male announcer with station ID for "Radio Nacional de Angola" and list of frequencies. Noted four time pips and a possible mention of "__ horas." Canned ID by male voice with music and flair. Lots of "bom dia"s, and into what seemed to be a news feature program, with man and woman announcers  passing it back and forth with reporters in the field. Poor to fair signal, but best in many months of trying to chase down a positive ID from this station.   (Albert Delibert, MD/HCDX) 

4750.0, Bangladesh Betar, 1235-1243. Last Monday with them off set on 4752.0, I had very readable copy of their weekly SAARC news bulletin, but this week with them on exact frequency again, was too much interference to make out what the news was (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

6035.04, BBS. Nice to find them with a somewhat extended schedule from 1311 to 1417.* Segments of talking and indigenous music. Noted at 1335-1355 the often heard cute segment with young girl singing solo (no music) and chatting with lady announcer. After 1401 talking amid poor signal with the usual PBS Yunnan interference  and adjacent splatter interference. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)


3310 , Radio Mosoj Chaski 0850 Quechua. Wasn’t heard around 0830, so sign-on was sometime after that, song and male speaker alternating. Very poor signal. (H Sellers, BC Canada)

6135, Radio Santa Cruz 0858. Spanish, on suddenly mid-song, then switched to electronic flute-like music repeating, ID “Radio Santa Cruz” with echo effect, frequencies and more IDs. At 0900 a Portuguese station came on (presumed Radio Aparecida, Brazil) and overwhelmed Santa Cruz. (H Sellers, BC Canada)

4965.00, Radio Alvorada. Doing better than average this past week, noted most mornings around 1000+; good ID 1003. (R Perry, IL/HCDX)

4220, PBS Qinghai, 1243-1302. Assume in listed Tibetan (Amdo dialect). Indigenous pop music to  one of their better receptions with light morse code interference. MP3 audio posted at: (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

6348 , Echo of Hope via South Korea 0831. Korean, man speaking, checked again at 0847 and //3985 now also audible, but both weak (H Sellers, BC Canada)

 4814.98, Radio El Buen Pastor. Presumed, definitely an Ecuadorian here and doing fairly well after 1100 several mornings this week. Ecuadorian music the tip-off and I think I recognize the ultra-bassy voiced locutor from before. Ad string at 1105 under utility interference. (R Perry, IL?HCDX)

Radio Algerienne via Issoudun, France transmitter *0400-0415, national anthem in progress to 0405, then sounded like a quick "Huna al-Djazair ID" by announcer and then right into Koran program. Good signal with usual accompanying band noise. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

4850, AIR Kohima. Heard after 1400 with easy-listening music filler between series of speeches. Poor signal due to strong radar interference. Perhaps they will actually, for a while, be on daily? (Ron
Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

9526, Voice of Indonesia 1831 German. Woman with possible newscast, 1832 station ID and promo announcements. Marimba-type music bridge. Fair signal. Check again at 1901, woman in English, but very weak now. (H Sellers, BC Canada)

3325 RRI Palangkaraya 1345-1356. Jak program just ending with usual national song;. Low-voiced male announcer spoke briefly at 1346, followed by soft vocal music to 1356 tuneout. Signal was noted as fair and improving. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX) 3325, RRI Palangkaraya, 1353. Daily they play the national song “Bagimu Negeri” (For You Our Country) about this time. Very early sign off today, as not heard at 1426 (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

3945, Radio Nikkei - 2, 0717. Japanese, popular Japanese music, gone at 0803 check confirming 0800 sign-off. Poor, //6155 fair. 3925, Radio Nikkei-1 0723 in Japanese // 6055 (H Sellers, BC Canada).

6129.97 Lao Nat'l Radio(presumed) 1359-1420. Instrumental music past 1400, followed by male and female announcer duo with alternating talks in about five minute segments. Sounded like English but signal not quite good enough to tell for sure. Fair/poor and deteriorating after 1420. No more gongs at 1400 ? (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

4755.4, The Cross 0727-0837. Always at threshold level, mostly music, and occasional announcer. Signal very weak (H Sellers, BC Canada)

Papua New Guinea
3365, NBC Milne Bay, 1233-1249. English talking about an upcoming festival and inviting local people to participate with singing or dancing. Noted 1332-1351 impassioned political speech that mentioned “congratulations . . . member of Parliament in the history of Papua New Guinea.” Station ID as - “N-B-C Milne Bay” with address “Post Office Box 111, Alotau, Papua New Guinea.” Heard national anthem to 1404.* Signal poor to almost fair. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

3260, NBC Madang, 1128-1211. Suddenly went off the air, then noted at 1206 playing “What’s Love Got To Do With It? “ by Tina Turner. Also heard PNG 3365, NBC Milne Bay, 1352 to off at 1404 sign-off after instrumental national anthem. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

5025, Radio Quillabamba. Very nice (relatively speaking!) 1032 underneath Rebelde but it was clear enough with shrill quenas and yipping Quechua ‘rap’ followed by announcer's Spanish topics. Other nice huaynos presented by lady announcer with quenas and guitar. (R Perry, IL/HCDX)

4989.99, Radio Apintie, Paramaribo, 0813–0844. Pop music from the 1950's, very weak  signal. Noted at 0938, which many have been a religious program. (R Perry, IL/HCDX)

4775 TWR Manzini *0342-0400. Usual station interval signal to English sign-on station ID. Talk by male announcer in listed Lomwe language. Noted in a bit of music at 0354 was followed by closing announcement at 0356. Brief transmission cut, then back on at 0358 with several reps of interval signal and English ID's as "this is Trans World Radio Swaziland." Followed by German service at 0400. Signal fair/poor with usual band noise. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

KNLS Alaska, 9680, 1141-1153. Russian service-totally blocking RRI Jakarta. Signal fair to good. Mentions of Anchor Point many times (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)