Monday, April 08, 2013

Monitoring Voice of Pujiang


5075 kHz, Voice of Pujiang via Shanghai, 1219-1233 UTC, April 4. Chatting in Chinese, 1227 - spot in English (“a smile is the sunshine after the rain . . . let’s smile”; interview with “Michael.” Fair signal. MP3 audio at . Am grateful to Timm Breyel (Malaysia) for his excellent work establishing the following contact information! Please see Timm’s website:   .

Sent off a report of my reception to , along with my audio reference. Also told him how I miss visiting the old Xiangyang Market (which was across the street from Xiangyang Park that I often visited), where they use to sell fake designer goods (closed 2006). Received this reply:
“Thank you for your reception report! I have listened to the record. I confirm you were listening to Voice of Pujiang, please find the QSL- letter in the attachment.

When I was a high school student, many of my classmates went to the Xiangyang Market to get some cheap stuff. :) If you have another chance to Shanghai, you are most welcome to come to our station, the address is  shown on the QSL letter, or we can have a coffee together, I am also a DXer. Have a nice weekend!” contains a copy of the attached QSL letter. Have listened to this station for many years and am very pleased to finally have a very nice confirmation of reception (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA/Cumbre)