Monday, June 03, 2013

QSL Report Central

Armenian Republic
9440 Deutsche Welle Pashtu BCB via Yerevan Transmitter. Full data Deutsche Welle building card, with site notation. Also sent in a large white envelope with a DW lapel pin, Compliments Card from the Customer
Service, and a bright blue Toto DW hand bag. Quite a reply from one the best stations that replies to their listener’s request for verification replies! veri signer was Adallend Lucas. Total time of 44 days for a postal report.

15180 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Tajik BCB to Asia via Issoudon, France. EIBI indicates location as Turkmen via Lampertheim 100 kw’s 77 degrees azimuth which I indicated in my report). Received an e-mail verification letter with the site as Issoudon on a bearing of 75 degrees with 250 kW in the Tajik Language. Reply in 28 days . Veri signer as Walter Brodowsky Head of Shortwave, Senior Expert sales.

Papua New Guinea
4960 Catholic Radio network/Radio Saint Gabriel, Vanimo. When I first heard this station back in 2006, attempts to find a QSL route, resulted in a dead issue, one via Australia (failed) and the other from the
Archdiocese of Papua New Guinea, in Post Moresby c/o of Media and Editorial Section (no response after two letters to this route). The third attempt was some friends who had relatives (on an archaeology
search) there in Vanimo, but they left before I could get them my report. After seeing Bruce Churchill QSL response, I proceeded to send my report ( to and within two days received back a confirmation statement stating my report as correct and gave some insight about the station and aims. Veri signer as, Father Paul Kote. Total response time of eight years, ten months, but 48 hours after posting my e-mail report. This makes my twenty-fifth PNG station verified on shortwave. Many Thanks to Bruce for opening up this route for others to receive their verifications.

5109.80 WBCQ Offshore Radio Special BCB of RNY International/Radio Caroline. Full data QSL sheet with site (Monticello, Maine), for a SASE Envelope (used). Signed by Allan Weiner, received in thrty days.

6030 Radio Marti via Greenville “B” . Full data card with no site notation and illegible signature, for a report to Miami address. Returned my US dollar and sent a schedule for their broadcast. Received in 68 days.

9605 KBS World Radio via Cypress Creek. Received a large brown envelope from the station's Spanish service. Special K-fest calendar, report forms, decals and compliment card, No QSL card, so I have sent a friendly e-mail follow-up reminder that it may have been over looked. Reply received in thirty days.

Rather slow for QSL's but better something then nothing these days........not like the years ago when QSL's came in much quicker......
(Edward Kusalik, Alberta, Canada)