Friday, February 14, 2014

Unique Radio Russian Navy

Belarus / Russia

Uninque Radio Russian Navy Celebrated the 50th Anniversary.

It is one of two Russian military bases on the territory of Belarus. Three hundred meter tower antennas above the forest attracted the attention of not only the residents of nearby villages. Triangle antenna field with more than
kilometer dimensions is clearly visible even from space, and are looking at him and at the Pentagon. Located in the woods near Vileika, radio "Antey" - an important strategic element of the Navy of Russia. She is
responsible for communicating to the extra-long distances between the General Staff and ships and submarines in the waters of Atlanticheskogo, Indian and Pacific Oceans even. The secret to journalists allowed only on the anniversary, but managed to see only a small part of a large-scale complex. 80 kilometers of the antenna wires in the air and another 600 - underground. There's also a massive bunkers and tunnels to withstand a nuclear attack.

Expert Opinion Russian voenproma - after 50 years in radio have the potential for development. Olga Kildisheva, general director of the Russian Institute of High-Power Radio: "We have every opportunity to
breathe new modern life in the station, so she could perform all assigned functions and nothing would have yielded the most modern radio is not quite our allies." Extra long wave able to go around the entire Earth.
Signal reception is possible under water, which is important for nuclear submarines. Station "Antey" built during the time of the Cuban missile crisis, but now it is every day intrudes on alert. Together with the
Russian seafarers working here and Belarusians.

Yuri Savitchev, Head 43rd super long radio Russian Navy: "Our radio station like time represents the close proximity and affinity of our peoples. Because both Russian and Belarusian in the same ranks intrudes on combat duty, performing common tasks in the interests of our two countries -security of Russia and Belarus."

Gennady Kazakov, Head of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus "reached full operational compatibility of military tactical management and technical compatibility of communications that perform joint
operational and combat missions. This was highlighted during the exercise West - 2013".

Now the military departments of Belarus and Russia implement a plan to build a united communication system the regional grouping. Go joint research and development and updating technology. A radio station in the Belarusian outback is still in touch with the world.
(Moscow Information DX Bulletin, Weekly electronic publication # 878, Jan 28, 2014, Editor of the current issue: Alexander Dementyev-RUS, via RusDX Feb 2/WWDXC Top Nx 1150)