Thursday, May 01, 2014

May Events for Castle Hunters

Svyato-Troitskaya Sergieva Lavra
May 2
WCA and COTA-RU & RCA pedition of R4FF/3/P to Svyato-Troitskaya Sergieva Lavra - Slava R4FF will be active from Svyato-Troitskaya Sergieva Lavra, WCA: UA-00306, CTA-RU: C-325, RCA: RC-098, RDA: MO-85. He plans to work as R4FF/3/P on 7.140 and 14.140 from 07:00 - 09:00 UTC.
QSL via Home Call. 73 & 11!

May 3
WCA and DFCF pedition of F4FCE/P to Bazourge Castle. Pierre-Marie F4FCE will be active from Bazourge Castle, WCA: F-06117, DFCF: 42-032. He plans to work on 40 and 80 meters SSB in the morning and BPSK the afternoon as F4FCE/P. QSL via bureau or direct. 73 & 11! [tnx info F4FCE].

May 5
WCA and COTA-RU pedition of RZ1CWC/P to Koporje Fortress! The members of RZ1CWC team inc. Andrew RN1CW and Vladimir UA1CIO once again will be active fom Koporje Fortress, WCA:
UA-00008, COTA-RU: C-108, RDA: LO-30. They plan to work from 07:00 UTC as RZ1CWC/P and Home Call/Portable on 20 and possibly 40 meters CW and SSB (it's a good possibility to fulfil conditions of *"Koporje Castle"  Award* QSL via  RW6HS. Log will be uploaded into the WCA database and COTA-RU E-Log. RZ1CWC].

May 5
WCA pedition of ES2TT/2 to Kiiu Castle! Eduard ES2TT will be active from Kiiu Castle  WCA: ES-00049. He plans to work as ES2TT/2 only SSB on 7.158 and 14.240 from 08:00 UTC. QSL via ES2TT, bureau or direct. [tnx info ES2TT].

73 & 11! de Andrew RN1CW
WCA coordinator & award manager