Sunday, October 09, 2016

October Specials from DX Stamp Service ...and more

Dear Customer,

Below are specials for October 2016. Take advantage of them starting now.

 If you need a current stamp list or supply list, I can mail or email it to you. 

 FLASH!!  OK!!!   Payment by credit card is OK for the forever stamps and the 47c units.....

MORE NEWS:  Check out the con-foozing envelope specials for October.  Customers buying the plain European mailers and returns are calling them Stealth Mailers and Returns! Works for me.

BIG  NEWS!!!: Almost out of European Air Return Envelopes (less than 2000 remaining, grab them NOW!)...with low sales volume, I will NOT be restocking them. With lower sales, restocking would be a smaller qty. to purchase at a much higher cost...I will sell  the European PLAIN Returns in their place once the air return stock is depleted. A few customers are QSL managers and they tell me they rarely see an airmail envelope from overseas anyway, except maybe from JA. My supply of European Air Mailers is greater (about 12,000), so they will last longer. Take advantage of the airmail close out specials while I have them!!!  The red & blue airmail border isn't necessary for international mail anymore. All international mail goes by air, renamed First Class International a number of years ago.

IDEA:  Slightly damaged Deluxe QSL Album   now $30.00 -or- buy 2 for only $55.00!!!

NEW RATES: Australia increases to $2.95 on October 3rd.

If you hear of or notice any new rates, let me know.



Save Big on your domestic mailings 
 with colorful vintage stamps!
47c Units
 in  2 stamps
 in 5 stamps
x 100
x 200
x 500
Payment by Credit card, check or money order for forever stamps and 47c units!                                     
No Charge for shipping Discount Postage Offers

2 Germany-$2.60    2 Russia-$2.60    3 Japan-$3.90  
2 Italy-$7.00    2 UK-$3.00    2 France-$3.60    2 Spain-$4.00

200/200 European Air Mailers and Air Returns -$40.00
200/200 European Plain Mailers and Plain Returns - $40.00
200/200 European Air Mailers and Plain Returns - $40.00
yeah, it's complicated......
5 Packs of Extra QSL Album pages - $22.00

400/400 European Air Mailers and Air Returns - $70.00
600/600 European Air Mailers and Air Returns - $95.00
500 European Air Mailers - $40.00
200/200 Stateside mailers and Returns - $23.00
500/500 Stateside Mailers and Returns - $44.00

Priority Mail Shipping Rates: Orders up to $40.00 add $9.00, orders from $41.00 to $100.00 add $15.00. orders from $101.00 to $150.00 add $20.00, orders over $150.00 add 15%. When ordering supplies and stamps, the stamps ride free, just use supply total to figure shipping costs. Shipments to Canada and overseas ship at a greater cost. (07/2015 modified)

Stamps Only Orders: Just add $1.00 P&H for posting to USA, add $2.00 for posting to Canada.
William Plum
12 Glenn Road
Flemington, NJ 08822
908 788 1020
Greetings DXer,

 ...And now for something completely different....

Have been writing with a fountain pen for about 2 yrs now, mostly personal letters, but have added a few notes to customers and have caught the attention of other fountain pen users among you.

Have acquired a hugh collection of Sheaffer cartridge fill fountain pens. Sold some to a few customers and then that dim lightbulb above my head glows a bit brighter....Hey Bill, maybe others might be interested??? So let's see. Had thought of becoming an ebay seller, but no ditigal camera or cell phone to post pix. And to learn all the ins and outs of that, doesn't appeal to me at this time...So I've deep-sixed that idea.

I have about 300!! on hand...All are Sheaffer cartridge fill models. 100 of them I've cleaned, polished and flushed out the nibs. The other 200 are uncleaned. Most are 1960's school models, a few other styles, varieties, and some are 1950's pens. Do have 6 Scripto cartridge pens, but no cartridges for them.

Price-wise was thinking of $4 per pen for the cleaned ones and maybe $2.50 for the uncleaned ones. If any of you are ebay sellers, maybe this would be a venture to pursue?

Also, more fountain pen fanatics out there? I could easily put together a nice six-pack.

For myself, I acquired a supply of old Sheaffer cartridges. The ink had dried out of them, but I refilled with bottled ink using an ink syringe. Am using Waterman's Blue/Black. Picked up a 32 oz!! bottle. Ink's gotta be 40-50 yrs old! Vintage ink for vintage pens, right? When I started writing with my Mom's Sheaffer, I bought new cartridges at is made in Slovenia!! and it took FOREVER to dry...dammmm. The old Waterman's ink is great!!

Anyone interested, let me know.

I still like the 'cool' factor...writing with a 50-60 yr old pen. I write with my Mom's Sheaffer from the early '60s as well as using my Dad's Parker 51 from 1945...Ah, the good ol' days of American made still can be!!

best of dx
and happy writing!