Thursday, July 30, 2020

Radio Emma Toc summer broadcast schedule from August 1


End of the month, so - time for another Radio Emma Toc World Service programme!
Something slightly different this time - a one hour request show with music all chosen by our listeners, so a wide variety.

A couple of points - we've got a special eQSL card for this programme so feel free to send in reception or listener reports. Also, please note some of our transmission times are slightly different to accommodate this one hour special.

Below is our Schedule Summary. You can also listen online at (but it's much more fun on shortwave, with guaranteed atmospherics, oscillation and maybe even a bit of jamming. If you'd like to hear different music or more of the same then send in a request for the next Global Request Show in a few months' time. Please give us a choice of two or three songs to help with availability, and a little information - how you got interested in radio? / favorite station to listen to,  or similar.

Radio Miami International 9955 kHz, covering Latin America and beyond. Tuesday 2200 UTC.

Radio Miami International 9455 kHz, covering Eastern North America, and beyond. Sunday 0100 (Monday UTC)

Radio Australia 5045, 3210 kHz, covering Australia and beyond. Saturday 0730 UTC and Sunday 0730 UTC.

FM 88.2 MHz / 107.6 MHz, covering Tawa, Marahau & Stoke, New Zealand. Sunday 1000 UTC and Thursday 0430 UTC. (every other week, alternating with Hobart Radio International.

Channel 292, 6070 kHz, covering Europe and beyond. Friday August 7, 2000 UTC and Friday August 21 at 2000 UTC.

Scandinavian Weekend Radio, 6170 kHz, 11880 kHz, 1602 kHz, 94.9 MHz, covering Finland and Europe. Saturday August 1 at 0500 UTC.

Additional station details are at, and I have just released our fourth programme,  Global Request Show.
Happy DXing and Happy Listening
James Salmon