Monday, May 31, 2021

KTWR's DXers Diary program reminder


15200 kHz  DXers Diary program on KTWR, DRM broadcast 

My Name is Arun Kumar Narasimhan from Chennai in India and I have been producing and presenting DXers Diary, (from January 3, 2021) a five-minute DX program on KTWR's DRM broadcast on 15200 kHz at 10:.26 UTC every Sunday. (* Suns only 1026-1056 UT, to zone 41, 90 kW, 285 degr in DRM mode]

This program is designed to make it easy for listeners to contribute to the advancement of the DX hobby. In this program, we broadcast listeners' logs, and band scans sent to us from listeners across the world, plus news, and frequency changes from various radio stations.  

To contribute your logs or information, or reception reports send your email to: 
(Arun Kumar-IND, VU2BBF, DXers Diary May 24)