Friday, July 02, 2021

Blog Logs

Language services as indicated 
// parallel frequency, freqs in kilohertz
Monitoring from June 15-02 July 2021  
SDR units as indicated, and introducing 3D signal imagery (please check North Korea and Radio Marti) 

Teak Publishing/Shortwave Central YouTube channel:

All times UTC

Radio Algerie Internationale 531 // 891 kHz. Male hosts with Arabic conversations between audio clips. (SIO 343). Radio Algerienne 5930 kHz from 2230 tune-in. Presumed Arabic news briefs to echo-effect intros into special program features, including text between Arabic instrumentals and vocals selections. Abruptly off at 2300 UTC as per schedule. Radio Algerienne/Chaine 3 on 252 LW, 2245-2255 with Arabic easy-listening style vocals. SIO 434. Station ID 2300 into French news briefs to station website reference. (Barcelona, Spain SDR)

Angola QSL

Radio Nacional 4950 kHz. Tune in 2310 with two male's Portuguese scripts. Noted several "Radio Nacional" IDs,  brief fanfare music, and talk. The reception was fair and audible via the Namibia SDR - and after five minutes you will be abruptly knocked off. Their limit is five minutes in a 24-hour period. 

ABC Adelaide 729 // 891 kHz, 2010. National weather forecast into phone-ins, ID, and pop vocal Vocal tune Blindly Believing by The Waifs. Trivia facts, local talks, and phone calls to ABC News headlines. Parallel programming on ABC Canberra 846 kHz. Report on how COVID-19 has affected Aussie schools // ABC Melbourne 621 kHz; ABC Sydney 576 // 702 kHz. (Corydon, Victoria SDR)
TWR Bonaire 800 kHz, (440 kW Kralendijk). Spanish religious text from 0010 tune-in. Spanish schedule: 0000-0500; 1000-1230; 2130-2300 UTC. Scripture references to Spanish praise music. (Airspy/NC)

Radio Clube do Para 4885, 0935-1000. Announcer's Portuguese morning show routine. News snippets, jingles, and local banter for fair SIO 323. Presumed Radio Difusora Acreana under Para signal. (Brazil SDR)

Radio Ndarason International 12050 kHz (Ascension Island relay to Nigeria) 1845-1910. French text and conversations to clear IDs. African vocal tunes scattered throughout the broadcast. Shift from French service at 1900 into presumed Kanuri as listed. (Airspy/NC)

Echo of Hope/Voice of Hope on 3980 // 9100 kHz from 1000. Station's Korean info/ID at 1000. Male/female friendly chat amid signal jamming. More pronounced on 5990, excessive on 6250 kHz. (S Korea SDR)

Republic of Yemen Radio/Radio Sana'a 11860, 1005-1020. Arabic text to speech segment from 1015. Arabic music intros for morning program feature. Fair signal SIO 322. Additional checks 11860 kHz, 1910-1925. (NLD SDR)

Sound of Hope/Radio Free Asia relay 9730 // 14430, 16300 kHz. Male/female's Cantonese/Chinese morning routine. Features with intros and ID routine 1030 UTC.

Voice of the People Korean text from 1035 tune. Active on 3480 // 3910, 3930, 4450 (with jammer under signals), and 6600 almost completely covered. (50 kW via Kyonggi-do-Koyang). Station operated by South Korean NIS. (Taiwan SDR)

RAI Antennas
RAI Radio 1 Milano 900 kHz, 1940-1950. Italian conversations at rally-style event with an audience. References to the website and phone number. Pop Italian vocals to 1948. Additional coverage/commentary. Station identification and newscast 2000. Parallel programming observed on RAI 1 Pisa 657 kHz (SIO 444) and RAI R1 Genova 1575  kHz (SIO 323) (Italy SDR)

Radio Kuwait/Classical Arab Music channel on 1269 kHz. Announcer's Arabic music intros at 1825 into classical music selections. ID promo 1830, off abruptly at 1858. Radio Kuwait/Home Service in Arabic on 540 and // 1134 kHz. Station references to Arabic vocals.

RTL Radio 234 kHz LW. Females trade French news script from 2001 tune-in. Ads with phone numbers into evening features and conversations. Excellent signal for 24-hour schedule via Erba, Italy.  (Twente NLD SDR)

RTM Malaysia QSL

RTM Sarawak FM relay 9835 from 1030 tune-in. Presumed Malay text to 1056, followed by pop/rap vocals to 1057. Subsequent checks from 1310-1325 with good signal for pop/rock and rap music between announcer's feature segments.Station ID at 1335. RTM Wai/Limbang relay noted on 11665 kHz with similar programming format including PSA and ad formats. Signal considerably weaker than RTM Sarawak. SIO 322 (Philippines SDR)

ORTM/Radio Mali. Tentative as Mali for fair signal of African ethnic text (listed Bambara) from 1745 tune-in. National anthem routine at 1800. China Radio International-Bamako, Mali relay. Hausa service from 1800 on 11640 // 13645 kHz. Announcer's text to fanfare intro into the news on COVID-19. Excellent signal via Seville, Spain SDR. Schedule to 1830.

North Korea
Voice of Korea, 11710 kHz, 1450-1505. French service with choral music programs to 1455 sign-off information and ID. English service sign-on at 1500 with signal tone, interval signal, and station identifications. Similar choral music programs noted on parallel 15245 kHz. YouTube video with 3D imagery at:  (AirSpy/NC)

Radio Romania International 11850 kHz to South America, 1920-1935. Romanian folk music at tune-in for their Spanish service. Brief programming notes into additional lively Romanian music to 1930 news briefs. Their music never disappoints me-whether on mediumwave, longwave, or shortwave. (Airspy/NC)

Radio Exterior Espana 11940 // 11670 kHz, 1938-1955. Two males with news briefs and items about Madrid. Instrumental music from Santana with a bit of talk on his career. Additional items on Madrid, and regional items. Good signal with only minimal fades amid audio hum. (Airspy/NC) Station website: Additional monitoring: RNE 1 Barcelona, 738 kHz, 1932-1945. Three males discussing soccer. Parallel programming noted on RNE 1 La Coruna 639 kHz; RNE 1 Madrid 585 kHz (very poor signal) (Barcelona SDR)

United States
Overcomer Ministries 9395 kHz, 1802-1822. Statler Brothers tune There's a Man in There. Scripture readings to 1807. Just as I Am song to Glory Glory Hallejiah instrumental. Brother Stair sermons sounding considerably younger in age. Very good SIO 444 signal. SIO 434. (Airspy/NC)

Radio Marti 11930 kHz, 1935-1945. Male/female's Spanish text and talk about Nicaragua and Venezuela. Good SIO 434 making it through the Cuban jammer on this frequency. (Airspy/NC) Noted on subsequent monitoring 11860 kHz, 1401-1403 UTC with Cuban jamming via 3D imagery at:

Voice of Vietnam 1/Buon Ma Thuot 7210 kHz from 1335 tune-in. Lady's Vietnamese to 1339. Lady's musical vocals with accompanying Asian-flute (very nice) to 1347 for lady's text. Good chance I was hearing Voice of Vietnam's AM on 1242 kHz from 1345 UTC. Should be in Lao and sure fits the format. Usual VOV format with Asian music, but still a "tentative" via Haino SDR.