Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sealand may consider launch of communication satelllite

The Principality of Sealand says it has received a multi-million dollar investment opportunity to fund the launch of a new communications satellite. This would give the self-styled “independent micro-nation” total worldwide Internet freedom. The official Sealand website says that internationally unrestricted Internet broadcasting from the former military fortress would allow the realisation of a number of exciting new projects.

The Moscow-based venture group’s proposition involves installing new high-capacity servers and launching a satellite to enable content to be delivered to the Internet with complete freedom and without political restriction, allowing freedom of speech, free downloads and file sharing.

One Sealander, who is involved in the ongoing negotiations, could only praise the proposed investment initiative and remarked: “Total Freedom of speech and free use of the Internet is the whole essence of this wonderful medium. The Sealand Satellite will be the greatest revolution since the dawn of the Internet!”

(Source: Sealandnews.com via Chris Edwards/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)