Monday, October 04, 2010

Following the Greyline

Earth and Moon Viewer

This web site gives you a real time view of the Greyline on Earth. For those of you not familiar with the Greyline it is where sun rise or sun set is occurring. This is valuable information for DX’ing because it will let you know when stations will be changing power and/or antenna pattern. It is also a line where DX is enhanced making stations easier to get, at least in theory.

There is a map of the planet with the areas of the planet that are in light and darkness. By clicking on a part of the planet it will zoom into that area. Once you have the continent you want you can click on the outer areas of the new map and move East West North South. This will allow you to get a closer view of the Greyline’s location. This will be a valuable tool if you want to Greyline DX or see where sunset or sunrise is happening at any moment on the planet. One other feature you can observe is the pattern or shape of the Greyline as the seasons change. It gives you are real feel for how the sun rises and sets change throughout the year.
(Shawn Axelrod/NRC DX News/DX Tool Box)