Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bhutan monitoring observations


log edited for clarity

6035 kHz. Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Sangaygang, Thimphu, 0544-0600 UTC, Apr 10, 2012. Its my pleasure to inform you that BBS had been back on air for the first time in many weeks on its usual shortwave frequency during my aircheck. There was English songs with a host introducing the songs etc., closing announcement, plus music then an announcement about a new language service transmission beginning around 0600 UTC.The signal strength was satisfactory and overall reception was good, no interference as such observed.

Later in the afternoon, BBS English was also heard with news, public announcement and English songs on air, on 6035 kHz from 0805 to 0817 or so as per my monitoring. There was slight interference from a radio station broadcasting on 6025 kHz. Slight problem of audio miss-audio break during the transmission from time to time for a period of a few seconds. In the evening and night, the reception was not very good..

Today on Apr 14, I did not find BBS's signal during my aircheck late in the morning on 6035 kHz during it's morning English transmission slot 0500-0600 UTC and earlier. Aaround 0631 UTC, it was still off the air. But again while checking around 0732, I found BBS signal in a local language.
(Gautam Kumar Sharma, Abhayapuri, Assam, India)
(DX Window 452 via Anker Petersen)