Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Radio Biafra London slated for return to shortwave


11870 kHz, Radio Biafra London will resume broadcasts begining this Saturday, Apr 21 according to their website . Their website ”Mission Statement” says broadcasts will be "twice a week" "at 8 pm". But a separate ”update” on the website contradicts this saying "daily on 11870MHz on 25 Metre Band Shortwave from 8PM to 9PM Biafra time" (so 1900-2000 UTC - but cannot see any HFCC entry for this yet).

"After two years of absence the legendary Radio Biafra London (RBL) is back on air and resumes on Saturday 21 April 2012, at 8pm broadcasting twice a week on 11870 kHz frequency on the shortwave band from its London studio to all African countries with concentrated footprint in Nigeria. Listeners in the Greater London area can tune into 94.3 FM at the same time whilst those outside London and elsewhere in the world can follow the program online by visiting and clicking on the daily broadcast play button. RBL is a public service broadcaster and will serve as the eyes, ears and voice for millions of dispossessed, disenfranchised, abandoned and oppressed people of various ethnic nationalities in Nigeria"

"The full version of the website will be available on Saturday the 21st of April to coincide with the first comeback broadcast. We would be broadcasting daily on 11870MHZ on 25 metre band shortwave from 8PM to 9PM Biafra time. Thank you for visiting Radio Biafra London website..."

The London FM frequency 94.3 mentioned above is not a licenced frequency, though perhaps they actually mean 94.0 MHz, the frequency of licenced Voice of Africa Radio (VOAR) which moved to 94.0 from 94.3 in 2011?

The British DX Club's "Africa on Shortwave" at has this entry for Radio Biafra (under Nigeria): Radio Biafra was established as an independent radio station broadcasting on shortwave in April 2009. The project was funded through donations from supportive private individuals in Biafra. It broadcast in Igbo and English via Skelton, United Kingdom. Broadcasts were discontinued prior to the B-09 season. (Pennington via Berg in DXplorer, Apr 17)
(DX Window 452 via Anker Petersen)