Saturday, March 16, 2013

Australia latest to suffer jamming

Beijing jamming Australia
A growing electronic blitzkrieg by Beijing - blasted by Barack Obama as ''state sponsored'' hacking and now extending to the jamming of Australia's radio news broadcasts in Asia - threatens to derail delicate negotiations for the ABC to win television rights in China.
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Opposition Leader 'horrified' by Radio Australia jamming
Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he would be 'horrified' if the ABC's international service was being blocked from broadcasting in China.
The Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) says English-language broadcasts from the ABC's Radio Australia, as well as the BBC World Service and the Voice of America, are being jammed.
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Broadcasters in a jam over China signal
As the Chinese political leadership transitions this weekend, there's increased sensitivity towards foreign media broadcasts in the world's most populous nation. There are concerns that signals carrying English language broadcasts into China are being jammed. Voice of America has been outspoken in condemning what it sees as censorship while the ABC's Radio Australia is treading much more cautiously and not registering any formal complaints with China.
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(Nigel Holmes/Radio Australia)