Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review of Klingenfuss 2013 Shortwave Frequency Guide

Review by Gayle Van Horn-Monitoring Times

The 17th Edition of the 2013 Shortwave Frequency Guide - one of five annual radio reference books and CDs available from Klingenfuss Publications, has recently been released.

This year’s 376 page book begins as last year, with a general overview of radio observations by Joerg Klingenfuss (author/publisher), followed by a section devoted to monitoring utility stations. This chapter will be of special interest to utility listeners and includes a basic explanation of the various aspects of utility monitoring and a by-frequency listing of stations with call signs, station name, mode and details.

The heart of this book and the primary focus is on shortwave broadcast stations, frequencies, and schedules. The 2013 Shortwave Frequency Guide covers the latest 2013  schedules for worldwide clandestine, domestic, and international broadcast stations, which are derived from the Klingenfuss 2013 Super Frequency List on CD.

The broadcast radio stations by frequency section, contains introductory material and a segment devoted to Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) that includes a comprehensive list of DRM schedules, and a brief look to the future of shortwave and the debate over it's decline. A three-page chapter on Internet, SATCOM and HF Radio, features an interesting evaluation of the censorship of the Internet in dictatorships.

The by-frequency list covers freqs from 2310 kHz - 26060 kHz. Each frequency listing includes the station name, location, start and end times of each broadcast, language, target area, and selected remarks.

If focusing on a particular country of interest, the by-country section of the book, labeled the "Alphabetical List of Broadcast Radio Stations" in the Table of Contents, will be of particular interest.

Frequency information for international broadcast stations, clandestine, and domestic stations are accurate at time of publication and include seasonal frequency adjustments. Klingenfuss uses a volunteer staff of worldwide radio listeners and broadcasters that contribute information to this publication and keep the information accurate and up-to-date.

The easy-to read book is a real asset at your listening post, regardless of whether you monitor the utility bands or enjoy programming from shortwave broadcast stations. The 2013 Shortwave Frequency Guide is an excellent annual publication for the beginner or experienced radio hobbyist who seeks a complete HF spectrum reference book (utility/broadcast station listings). This is a basic no-frills radio reference guide. The book easily opens and remains open at the selected page for easy reference at your receiver. This year’s edition, as in past years, is a fine addition to my listening post.

To order the 2013 Klingenfuss Shortwave Frequency Guide book, go to the Klingenfuss website at www.klingenfuss.org or order from Universal Radio at www.universal-radio.com. The book number # 5958 for $49.95 plus shipping and handling., or order from Universal via phone 1-800-431-3939; Fax 1-614-866-2339. Postal mail to: Universal Radio, Inc., 6830 Americana Parkway, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-4113 USA