Monday, June 02, 2014

QSL Report: June 2014

Summer is not the time to stop DXing or collecting verification's. Summer DXing can be equally enjoyable as worldwide shortwave hobbyists continue to scan the dials for one more station "than the day before."
Contributions are always welcome to the email address in the above masthead. Please share what you're QSLing with our blog readers.

Radio Australia plans a future overhaul of their broadcast services. The station recently confirmed a broadcast time and frequency via email, followed by this statement, "we're not confirming reports anymore or sending out QSL cards." I get the not sending out QSL cards...but, not confirming ? Radio Australia, isn't that what you just did ?

Voice of Russia "may" be considering a return to shortwave. I mentioned on Twitter, "if true, no surprise - it's called a return to cold war days and propaganda."

Amateur Radio
Japan-JK1OLT, 10 meters SSB. Full data color Geisha Girl sketch. Received in 13 years via ARRL for 2001 contact. Direct QSL address: Tsutomu Kubota, 1-540-2 Kunisoda, Tsesaki Gunma 379-2221 Japan. (Larry Van Horn, NC)

Germany-DL3NOC, 21 MHz. Full data color scenery card from German Amateur Radio Station. Received in four months via ARRL. Direct QSL address: DARC QSL Bureau, P.O. Box 115 D - 34216 Baunatal, Germany. (Larry Van Horn, NC)

United States-WE7GV, 14237 kHz SSB. Full data QSL card for special event broadcast at the Titan Missile Museum, featuring the Collins Discage Antenna, signed by Tom, Operator. Also included a colorful special event certificate. Received in one week for event details and mint postage (used for reply). QSL address: Green Valley Amateur Radio Club, 601 N. LA Canada Dr., Green Valley, AZ 85614 USA. (Larry Zamora, TX) Thanks Larry, for the contribution. He comments in his email, " thanks for the amateur radio event tip that I noticed on your blog earlier this month."

Radio Argentina Exterior, 15345 kHz. Full data E-QSL from Marcelo Ayala. Received in four days for an  Italian report via email and an MP3 file.Station postal address: P.O Box 555, 1000 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Website: (Artur Fernández Llorella, Catalonia, Spain/playdx)

Rádio Nove de Julho, 9820 kHz. Email:  Station address: Rua Manoel de Arzão 85, Freguesia do  Ó, CEP-02730-030 Arzão São Paulo, Brasil. Website with streaming audio (Rod Pearson, St Augustine, FL) welcome back to QSLing, Rod!

Bible Voice Broadcast relay via Kostinbrod, Bulgaria., 11600 kHz. Full data BVB logo/global map card, signed by Joan Shorthouse. Received in total of 28 days, ten days after follow-up report. Postal address: HAGCM, P.O. Box 95561 (350 Davis Dr.) Newmarket, ON L3Y 8J8 Canada. (Edward Kusalik, Canada) BVB, 9990 kHz. Full data QSL. Received in 32 days for program details to (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France/playdx)

Voice of Tibet-Yangi Yul, Tajikistan. Full data logo card. Received in three months for e-report to (Frank Hillton, Charleston, SC) Website:

Diego Garcia
AFN/Armed Forces Network 4319 kHz USB. Full data station card, signed by Tansy Nguyen. Received in 167 days. QSL address: AFN Broadcast Center, 23755 Z Street, Bldg 2730, Riverside, CA 92518 USA (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France/playdx)


Bible Voice Broadcasting relay via Nauen, Germany, 6030 kHz. Full data color BVB logo/global map card, unsigned, plus summer broadcast schedule. Received in six weeks for e-report to: address: HAGCM, P.O. Box 95561 (350 Davis Dr.) Newmarket, ON L3Y 8J8 Canada.
(Gayle Van Horn, NC)

PCJ Radio International relay via Nauen, Germany, 5995 kHz. E-QSL from Victor Goonetilleke. Received in two days for program details to (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France/playdx)

Radio Prag via Radio 700, 3985 kHz. Station QSL and calendar. Received in one week for e-report to   (Artur Fernández Llorella, Catalonia, Spain/HCDX)

SDXF via HLR, 7265 kHz. Station QSL. Received in seven weeks. QSL address: Box 1097, SE-405 23 Göteborg, Sweden.  (Artur Fernández Llorella, Catalonia, Spain/HCDX)

Radio Vaticana via Radio 700, 3985 kHz. Station QSL. Received in four weeks for e-report to   (Artur Fernández Llorella, Catalonia, Spain/HCDX)

Voice of Indonesia, 9526 kHz. No data station QSL card, plus sticker. Received in 116 days for details of Spanish programming posted at (Rafa Martinez, Barcelona, Spain/playdx) Station address: P.O. Box 1157, Jakarta 10110, Indonesia. Website:

New Zealand
Radio New Zealand International, 15720 kHz. Full data station QSL card, signed by Adrian Sainsbury. Received in 27 days. QSL address: RNZI, Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand. (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice,France/playdx) Website with streaming audio

LKB/LLE Bergen Kringkaster, 5895 kHz. Station QSL card, signed by Svenn Martinsen, QSL Manager. Received in 39 days. QSL address: P.O. Box 100, N-5331 Rong, Norway. (Christian Ghibaudo, France/playdx) LKB Bergen Kringkaster is the former NRK(Norsk Rikskringkasting) AM(LW/MW) broadcasting station for Bergen. The location is near the village of Erdal on Askoey Island north of Bergen.

Medium Wave
Canada-CHHA, 1610 kHz. Nice QSL card and letter, signed by Ademir Iglesias, Administrator, plus coverage map. Received in 255 days after follow-up and $ 1.00US (both reports). QSL address: CHHA, San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre, 22 Wenderly Drive, Toronto ON Canada M68 2N9. Worth the wait, and a nice package of goodies. This is my Ontario QSL # 36, Canadian QSL # 291. (Patrick Martin, Seaside, OR)

Czech Republic-Radio Zurnal, 270 kHz AM. Station QSL. Received in 15 days. QSL address: Transmitter Station Topolna, Oblast Jizni Morava, RKS AM1, Topolna, CZ - 687 11 Topolna, Czech Republic. (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France/playdx)

Estonia-Radio Eli, 1035 kHz AM. E-QSL. Received in 20 days for program details and one IRC. Station address: Vabaduse 20, 20306 Narva, Estonia. Broadcast are in Russian which include TWR relays. (Kurt Enders, Bickenbach, Germany/HCDX)

Spain-COPE Lugo, 1224 kHz AM. Full data verification letter from Daniel Otero Viña, Director. E-report with program details to (and) Station address: Rua do  Valiño s/n E-27002 Lugo, Spain.   (Artur Fernández Llorella, Catalonia, Spain/playdx)

United Kingdom-North Sound Radio, 1035 kHz AM. E-QSL from Ken Hancock. Received in three months for e-report to  (Artur Fernández Llorella, Catalonia, Spain/playdx)

USA-KCKM, 1330 kHz AM. 'Big Power-Giant Coverage.' The most powerful AM radio station between Ft. Worth, Texas and Tucson, Arizona. Full data oil derricks card, signed by Bob Souza, Owner/General Manager. Bumper sticker and business enclosed with card. Received in four weeks for an AM report, audio cassette and a SASE (used for reply). This QSL was for a DX Test. Station address: Box 990, Monahans, TX 79756 (Bill Wilkins, MO) Website with streaming audio:

USA-WZAP 690 kHz AM. No data email response as "thank you very much" from Glen Harlow, WZAP Board Operator/part-time announcer. Received in less than seven minutes for e-report of program details and mp3 audio clip to - "Attention: Chuck Lawson." (Al Muick, PA/HCDX) Station address: P.O. Box 369, Bristol, VA 24203 USA. Website:

Vatican Radio relay via the Belarusian service, 11715 kHz. Full data color card of the Annunciation. Received for program details to: (Dimitry Kutuzov, Ryazan, Russia/"deneb-radio-dx")/RUS-DX 768)

Radio Hargeisa, 7120 kHz. QSL card. Received in four days for program details and SASE. QSL address: Konsularische Vertretung der Republik Somaliland, herr Baldur Drobnica, Zedernweg 6, 50127 Bergheim, Germany. (Kurt Enders, Bickenbach, Germany/HCDX) Direct address: Nala soo xidhiidh, Head Quarter, Near SLNTV, Hargeisa, Somaliland

BBG/Voice of America relay via Udon Thani, 15125 kHz. QSL card. Received in 15 days for program details to (Kurt Enders, Bickenbach, Germany/HCDX)

United Arab Emirates
Trans World Radio relay via Dhabbaya, UAE, 11635 kHz. Full data card, except for site location. Received for program details to twr-sa@iafrica  Reply via lstavrop@twrorg.(Edward Kusalik, Canada)

United States
AWR/Wavescan program via WRMI, 9955 kHz. Full data Voice of Hope card with WRMI stamp and First Week WRMI Okeechobee marking, signed by Adrian Peterson, DX Editor. Two post cards and religious tract enclosed. Received in four months for an English report, $1.00US and address label (used for reply). QSL address: AWR, Box 29235, Indianapolis, IN 46229 USA. (Bill Wilkins, MO) Website:

Voice of America-Radiogram, 17860 kHz. E-QSL from Kim Elliott. Received in six days to e-report to   (Artur Fernández Llorella, Catalonia, Spain/playdx)

WRMI, Okeechobee, FL., 17790 kHz. Full data QSL card, signed by Jeff White, General Manager. Received in 48 days. Station address: Radio Miami International, 175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Suite 1N4, Miami, FL 33172 USA. (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France/playdx) Website:

Croatia-MRCC Rijeka, 2187.5 kHz. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter, returned as verified. Received in 47 days after follow-up report. QSL address: Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Harbour Master's Office Eijeka, Senjsko printaniste 3, 51000Rijeka, Croatia. (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF) The National Maritime Rescue Coordination Center Rijeka (MRCC RIJEKA) provides a 24 hour watch service, which includes the region of internal marine waters, territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia (marine belt wide 12 nautical miles from the shoreline towards the open sea) and the region of international waters as confirmed in treaties with neighboring states and as reported to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) The National Center (MRCC RIJEKA), all the sub-centers (Port Authorities) and their port stations and all shore radio stations - Rijekaradio, Splitradio and Dubrovnikradio, provide maritime radio monitoring services on internationally confirmed frequencies and channels for emergencies and safety.

Faroe Islands-OXJ, Torshavn Radio, 518 kHz.  Full data  QSL, signed by Henri Olsen. Received in one month for program details of navtex transmission. QSL address: Thinghusvegur 64 FO - 100 Torshavn, Foroe Islands. (Francesco, Italy/UDXF)

VWB, Mumbai MRCC, 2187.5. Full data email. Received in four days. Mumbai MRCC is operated by the Indian Coast Guard at www.indiancoastguard.nic/in/  Used the headquarters email address on the site The IT manager forwarded my reception report.  (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF)

Peru-OBC3, Costera Callao, 8414.5 kHz. Full data prepared QSL card, retured as verified, received via registered mail. Received in 154 days from Spanish follow-up report. QSL address: Marina de Guerra del Peru, Comandancia de Operaciones Guardacastas, Costera Callao OBC3, Avenida Contralmirante Morsa S/N, Base Naval del Callao, 01 Peru. (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF)

Sweden-SAQ, Gimeton Radio 17, 2 kHz. Station QSL card. Received in 30 days. QSL address: Radiostationen Grimeton, Grimeton 22, SE 432 98 Grimeton, Sweden. (Frank Hillton, SC)

Taiwan-XSX, Keelung Radio, 8414.5 kHz. Full data QSL card. Noted they previously sent out a card via postal mail. However, the card never reached my post office box. QSL address: Keelung Radio (MRCC), 9 Yi 3rd Road, Keelung, Taiwan. (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF)

Utility-Ship Traffic
DPJK Santa Ricarda (Container ship) MMSI 211132000, 2187,5 kHz. Full data QSL card, plus prepared verification letter returned as verified. Received in 35 days. (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF) Ship addresses may be searched by using the MMSI number at 

MS Brillance of the Seas C6SJ5, 2187,5 kHz. Full data QSL card, plus prepared verification letter returned as verified. Received in 85 days. (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF) Royal Caribbean address: 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132USA. Brilliance of the Seas is a cruise ship belonging to the Royal Caribbean's Radiance class. It cruises the Mediterranean from April to January, and is based in Dubai - sailing to ports around the Middle East and India.

MWZLZ UKD Bluefin (Trailing suction hopper dredge) MMSI 232002803, 2187,5 kHz. Full data QSL, plus prepared verification letter returned as verified. Received in 55 days.  (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF)

PBQW Kommanador (Supply vessel) MMSI 244750534, 2187, 5 kHz. Full data QSL, plus prepared verification letter returned as verified. Received in 34 days. (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF)

UFKB MLSP D-6 (Offshore platform) MMSI 273441410, 2187,5 kHz. Full data QSL, plus prepared verification letter returned as verified. Received in 65 days after follow-up. First Russian platform QSL ! (ANdy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF)

V2BX5 Magnus (Tug) MMSI 304953000, 2187, 5 kHz. Full data QSL, plus prepared verification letter returned as verified. Received in 28 days. (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF)

Euro Pirates - Address/Email Updates
Baken 16
Bogusman R
Calypso R
Cool AM
De Rode Adelaar
Free Radio Service Holland
Horizon FM
King Shortwave
Mustang R
Over 60 Degree R
Pink Panther R 
Premier R
R Altrex
R Casanova
R Flying Dutchman
R Foxfire
R Goudenster
R HetWe
R Kennemer
R Minipower
R Marconi
R Merlin International
R Monique radiomoniqueradio@hotmailcom
R Nightpirate
R Nordzee International P.F. 191, D-63956 Biebergemund, Netherlands
R Norton
R Odynn
R Pluto
R Quintus
R Rainbow
R Scotland International
R Silverback
R Sonic
R Spaceshuttle International
R Star International RSI, Postbus 2702, NL-6049 ZG Herten, Netherlands
R Studio 52
R Tango Italia
R Tarzan
R Transuniverse
R Tropiq
R Underground
R Universe
R Verona
R Vrolijke Mijnwerker 
R Zeewolf
Shortwave Gold
Skyline R SRG/Skyline Radio Germany, Postfach 2702, NL-6049 ZG Herten, Netherlands
Summermeeting R
Zender Dakota
(NASWA/HCDX/playdx # 1618/Dario Monferini, Italy)