Thursday, November 06, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Central African Republic

Radio Centrafrique QSL (Gayle Van Horn Collection)
Radio Centrafrique-Radiodiffusion-Television Centrafricaine, was at one time a state-operated radio service of Central African Republic. In recent years, the station was heard on 7220 kHz during the daytime hours only. A new 1 kW shortwave transmitter was installed in May 2010, to operate on 5035 kHz. Unfortunately, as of December 2013, there have been no reports of either frequency being observed.

My initial logging of Radio Centrafrique was on 5035 kHz, August 8, 1983. The station verified with a full data map card on June 15, 1983. The station's broadcast began with a piano melody interval signal, followed by the national anthem and French sign-on as, "ici Bangui, Station Nationale  de la Radiodiffusion-Television Centrafricaine."

Great listening from a once regular station on shortwave.