Monday, September 28, 2015

Plain Euro Envelopes Now Available

Dear Customer,
The plain versions were just delivered.
Below, I've pasted that section of the supplies flyer. So now you can use a plain mailer and a plain return if you wish.
The 50/50 pack must be all airmail or all plain.
Specify which is airmail and which is plain for the following combo deals:
100/100 European Mailers and European Returns
or constant special of 200/200 Euro. Mailers and Returns
500/500 European Mailers and European Returns.
And when you order all of one size.
Hope I've made it clear enuf.
73 and good dx,
European Envelopes
Airmail & Plain Versions!
20 lb. White Wove, Inside Tinted, Red & Blue Airmail Border
20 lb. White Wove, Inside Tinted, PLAIN: no airmail border or printing
European Return                   European Mailer
(4½ x 6¼)                             (4¾ x 6½)
115mm x 160mm                 120mm x 165mm

These envelopes are perfectly acceptable for mailing to ALL parts of the world, not just to Europe. Their size insures you that 4” x 6” DX QSLs will not come back to you folded which could happen if you used small U.S. sized airmail envelopes. Our European Return fits into the European Mailer without folding. These two envelopes and up to 3 QSL cards weigh less than one ounce. The European Return and 2 QSLs weigh less than 10 grams. All envelopes are sealed in plastic for protection. Envelopes are packed 100 per size per package. The 50/50 Combo comes in one package. SPECIFY!! Plain or Airmail version. Mix and Match by 100’s.
September 2013                                       100              500                 1000
Euro Returns Plain or Airmail            $12.00           $50.00            $90.00
Euro Mailers Plain or Airmail             $13.00           $55.00            $100.00
Save On Special Combo Deals!!!!
50 Mailers/50 Returns - $12 (either all plain or all airmail)
100 Mailers/100 Returns - $22 (mix and match)
500 Mailers/500 Returns - $100 (mix and match by 100’s)
PRODUCTS shipped via Priority Mail. Shipping charges: Orders up to $40 add $9.00, orders from $41 to $100 add $15, orders from $101 to $150 add $20, orders over $150 add 15% of order for shipping. Products shipped to Canada ship at higher cost. REMEMBER: When ordering supplies AND stamps, use supply total to figure shipping costs. Stamps “ride free” when you order supplies. (09/15 modified)