Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Albania QSL: September-November

ALBANIA QSL Initiative of Radio Tirana and the Austrian DX Board (ADXB).

Thanks to the co-operation between the German language branch of the Radio Tirana Listeners' Club and the Austrian DX Board (ADXB), a special QSL will be issued from September until November 2015.

Conditions are as follows:

Irrespective of the language monitored, only one QSL will be issued
per frequency.

- Any language other than Albanian shall count.

- Only AM (SW/MW) transmissions originating in Albania shall count.

- Contest Reports are invited to the following address:

ADXB - Austrian DX Board
Harald Suess
P.O. Box 1000
A-1081 Vienna
Austria - Europe

- Cost per reception report: 2 IRCs or 2 EUR or 2 USD.

- Timeframe: 1 September to 30 November 2015 (UT).

Souvenirs from Albania will be drawn for the participants. Winners will be
published on the ADXB website in December 2015.

The German language department of Radio Tirana also has a listeners' club,
which is headed by Werner Schubert in Germany. Therefore, reception
reports in German should be sent to the following address:

Radio Tirana Hoererklub
Werner Schubert
Poststrasse 8/1
D-85567 Grafing

or e-mail

The ADXB - Austrian DX Board - is an Austrian DX-Club for residents of
Austria, with currently 150 members and a club station in Vienna.

For further information please contact
ADXB - Austrian DX Board
Harald Suess
P.O. Box 1000
A-1081 Vienna
Austria - Europe

or e-mail

In A15, the transmission schedule until mid-October 2015 is as follows

GERMAN: Monday through Saturday 1930-2000 UTC 7465 kHz
ENGLISH: Monday through Saturday 2000-2030 UTC 7465 kHz
ENGLISH: Tuesday through Sunday 0130-0200 UTC 9850 kHz
FRENCH: Monday through Saturday 1730-1800 UTC 7465 kHz
ITALIAN: Monday through Saturday 1700-1730 UTC 7465 kHz
SERBIAN: Monday through Saturday 2015-2030 UTC 1458 kHz
TURKISH: Monday through Saturday 1830-1900 UTC 1458 kHz
GREEK: Monday through Saturday 1545-1600 UTC 1458 kHz

MW - Transmitter Fllaka - 500 kW
SW - Transmitter Shijak - 100 kW.

QSLs will be sent by Radio Tirana directly from Albania.
We are looking forward to your reception reports.

Yours Radio Tirana Listeners' Club and the ADXB.
(via bclnews.it via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)
(BCDX/WWDXC/Top Nx 1211)