Monday, November 02, 2015

France slated to close medium wave stations in December 2015

Here is a confirmation that ALL medium waves will be close in December in France. Here is report about France Bleu Elsass (1278 kHz), published today by the newspaper Derni?res Nouvelles d'Alsace (DNA)...

Media - From 1 January 2016 - France Bleu Elsass going digital.

From 1 January 2016, France Bleu Elsass will be broadcast digitally, and will cease to broadcast on medium wave. Status and projects. The director of France Bleu Alsace Emmanuel Delattre immediately reassures: France Bleu Alsace continues to issue and profile will not move. But instead of being broadcast on MW, it will be seen on the digital: that is to say over fixed Internet, on application to listen on all laptops and tablet or a Radioweb connected to a livebox.

France Bleu Alsace, who has 85 years on November 11, will not change its programs and will even amplify says Emmanuel Delattre. The man understands that there will be for older fans of the radio listeners a difficulty to go on digital, "we will push them to go, he insists. For Christmas, we will launch a Radioweb operation. We populariserons as possible the operation to bring all the listeners to follow us on digital".

Remodeling is national. On 1 January 2016, all average waves disappear for all of Radio France. This fact explains Mr. Delattre, part of the objectives and resources contract which commits Radio France on the 2015-2019 period. The contract is signed with the state.

This technique is changing in the direction as an opportunity to open up to a wider audience, to involve the younger generation to participate in education in Alsatian language.

Emmanuel Delattre insists nothing will disappear in content. "We are working with stakeholders in the digital and Alsatian in the region to move closer to the desires of the listeners," together with the Ministry of Education, the Region, the two county councils.

The grid will not move; ranges from 8 am to 12 am and from 13 am to 16 pm 30 remain in full Alsatian, "the offer will be enriched even thanks to digital."

The range will be 8-12 pm watchable live video. We will take advantage of technological change "to highlight the Alsatian scene that speaks and sings in dialect, younger too. A work will be done on social networks, with bilingual classes, Alsatian teachers." "This is to make this change an opportunity to move forward [...]. This is not to diminish the presence but to extend, "promises Mr. Delattre.

The stakeholder team will not change: the auditors find Felicien Muffler, Simone Morgenthaler, Pierre Nuss, Jonathan Wahl.

And Emmanuel Delattre took the opportunity to stress that the interventions in Alsace on France Bleu Alsace FM broadcast multiply since last September.
(WRTH FB group, by Christian Ghibaudo via France Bleu Elsass, 30 Oct)

Its reported that Bretagne 5 and some private stations will continueon AM. numerique
(Mike Terry-UK BrDXC-UK Oct 31/BCDX Top Nx 1226 31 Oct)