Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Radio Free Asia confirms cancellation of Korean service

Below is a reply concerning my query on the reported cancellation of Korean services for Radio Free Asia. As requested by RFA, I do not promote the Cantonese service (not ‘publicly promoted by RFA’) so my query was on the Korean service.

1500-1700  5885, 9590, 9985
1700-1900  5885, 9985
2100-2200  7485, 9860, 9985

Hi Gayle,
Until IBB can find capacity for them, they are off-air. We, along with others, have fallen victim to the Typhoon that swept across Tinian and Saipan that severely damaged both stations. 
From what I've seen from the Station Manager, it'll be months before they return to service; yep, likely in A-19.  IBB has done the best we can to move RFA broadcasts to other transmitter sites. Those you list below are likely all victims of there not being enough capacity, but they will return. 
Hope this helps.
73 aj/RFA