Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Monitoring Myanmar

Logs edited for clarity

All times UTC

Myanmar Radio, 5985 kHz at 1530. (Feb 2). Fair signal with intro to segment in English, noted as, “Good evening dear listeners. This is Myanmar Radio. We are broadcasting our final transmission for today, radiating on 5985 kHz, 0.13 meters, 576 kHz., 520 meters and 594 kHz, 505 meters. Now you can hear the news and weather news.” "Music from around the world” at 1543. Very enjoyable reception today.

Certainly one of their better days. Noted on 5985 kHz,  Myanmar Radio on Feb. 1, underneath a strong NHK-Japan, with sign on at 1129, with indigenous theme music (with NHK-Japan 1130 sign-off).

At 1130 announcer in vernacular. Myanmar Radio on 5985 kHz at 1559-1604, Feb 13. The Wednesday only edition of “VOA Special English,” with “huge rocks from outer space, or asteroids, are falling from the sky more than they have in the past.” Five minute show with good signal, so able to still hear program even after the China Radio International sign on at 1559.

The former Voice of America time slot for this show (1540+) is now all music programs, and noted today with songs from movies.
(Ron Howard-CA/NASWA-03/2019)

Thazin Radio, 7345 kHz, heard on Feb 1. Start of station’s test tone at 1026 sign-on, which ceased at 1030, to begin their program. (Ron Howard-CA/NASWA-03/2019)