Friday, September 06, 2019

KTWR updates their DRM schedule

KTWR transmitters, Guam
Hi Everyone,

                Based on comments received from listeners, KTWR will be modifying its DRM broadcast schedule as follows:

Effective 12 Sep.
                The 11995kHz 1026-1056 UTC Thursday broadcast to Japan/SK will be changed to 9900kHz 1215-1245UTC on Thursday.

Effective 15 Sep.
                The 11580kHz 1215-1245 UTC Monday broadcast to South Asia will be changed to 15200kHz 1026-1056UTC on Sunday.

                The 11995kHz 1026-1056 UTC Wednesday broadcast to China will be unchanged.
                The 11995kHz 1025-1056 UTC Tuesday broadcast to Australia will remain suspended.
(Mike Sabin/TWR)