Friday, January 03, 2020

All India Radio revives AIR Aizawl


Log edited for clarity

All India Radio
All times UTC
5050 kHz, AIR Aizawl, Jan 3. Exciting news for the New Year! Today had positive reception of
this station that had been off the air for several years.

Yesterday had a faint hint that another station might be here besides the usual Beibu Bay Radio, so monitored this frequency again today, at 1120-1127. Prominent test tone, went off for a minute until start of the distinctive AIR interval signal.

Possible news 1130-1145 in Hindi, then at 1135 noted "this is All India Radio with the news read by . ." Items not very readable due to Beibu Bay Radio interference.
(R Howard, CA/Etón E1/dx-India 03 Jan)

I have contacted AIR Aizawl. They are using only 2 kW now (instead of 10 kW). Tomorrow they will increase the power some more. 7295 kHz is also on air.
5050 0025-0400 1130-1630
7295 0700-1000
Reports to
(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS/National Institute of Amateur Radio Hyderabad)