Wednesday, January 29, 2020

U.K.'s talkSPORT to close seven transmitters

Ofcom has today (16 January) agreed to talkSPORT's proposal to close seven MW transmitter sites:

"Variation to talkSPORT's national analogue licence

Ofcom has today approved talkSPORT's request to change its national analogue radio licence, following a consultation.

The change means that talkSPORT's medium wave (AM) coverage across the UK, will be marginally reduced from 95% to 93.4%.

In reaching our decision, we took account of the 18% decline in talkSPORT's AM listeners in recent years, and corresponding increase in digital listening, among other things.

Listeners in the affected areas - Aberdeen, Cornwall, Devon, Inverness and Londonderry - can continue to tune in to talkSPORT via DAB radio, the internet and digital TV, including Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media." (Ofcom)

The seven transmitters to close are (I've added the frequencies):

Rosemarkie (Inverness) 1053 kHz
Redruth (Cornwall)  1089 kHz
Redmoss (Aberdeen)  1089 kHz
Londonderry  1053 kHz
Occombe (Devon) 1107 kHz
Plummers Barracks [sic] (Plymouth) Plumer Barracks 1053 kHz
Pearce's Hill (Devon) Exeter 1053 kHz

Ofcom's main detailed statement is here: data/assets/pdf_file/0038/189749/talkSPORT-statement.pdf
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDX-UK newsgroup Jan 16/WWDXC Top Nx 1413)