Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Updated schedules and information

All times UTC / target areas as indicted // parallel frequency

Changes of China National Radio-1 in DRM mode
Effective: 14 May
0100-0400 11995 QIQ 030 kW / 225 deg to EaAs Chinese, ex  9420.

0400-1000 on 11995 QIQ 030 kW / 225 deg to EaAs Chinese, add.freq.
(DX Bulgaria 13 May 2020)

Clandestine Radio
Iran International TV
Farsi (via Armenia relay)
0000-0400            6250me (Middle East)
0400-1200            11570me
1200-1400            11560me
1400-0000            6250me
(DXB 11 May)

Echo of Unification (South Korea)
0400-0600            3970, 5905, 6250
1200-1400            3970, 5905, 6250
2200-0000            3970, 5905, 6250
(times/frequencies may vary)

North Korea Reform Radio
Korean (via Tashkent, Uzbekistan relay)
1430-1500            7590as (Asia)
1500-1530            7590as
2030-2100            7590as
2100-2130            7590as

Radio Free Korea
Korean (via South Korea) 
0000-0100            1143 (to North Korea)
0100-0200            1143
0250-0000            1143
signal may be jammed

Radio Dabanga
Sudanese Arabic
0430-0500            7315af  11650af (target Sudan)
1530-1600            7315af  11650af
1600-1630            7315af  11650af

Radio Nyawa Sarawak
Iban/Malay (to Malaysia) (via Tashkent, Uzbekistan relay)
1100-1200 mtwhf  11890as
11890 Radio Nyawa Sarawak on May 5 Radio Nyawa Sarawak, has resumed their shortwave broadcasting on 11890 kHz. Schedule is now on from Monday to Friday. Heard with new schedule from tune in at 1104 till 1158* UT (although their website still lists the former schedule of ex: 1000-1100 UT). In vernacular with mostly phone conversations; one brief spot in English about corruption in "East Malaysia." Signal mostly poor, but at times fair reception.
(Ron Howard/WWDXC-Top News 1425/12 May 2020)

Radio Sedayee Kashmir/Voice of Kashmir
Dogi (to Pakistan)
0310-0330            6030as
0810-0830            6030as
1510-1530            6030as

0230-0310            6030as
0730-0810            6100as
1430-1510            6030as
Programming representing views and opinions of the Indian government concerning disputes with Pakistan over Kashmir.

Radio Tamazuj
Sudanese Arabic (South Sudan)
0330-0400            7315af  11650af
0400-0430            7315af  11650af
1500-1600            15150af  15400af
(ten minutes of news in English on Tuesday and Friday)

Voice of Free Talyshistan
Talysh (via Armenia relay)
1715-1730            1395me (Middle East)

Voice of the People
Korean (via South Korea)
0350-0000            3480as 3910as 6520as
0750-0400            3935, 4450as  6600as
(freqs vary and may be jammed)
(WRTH 08 May update)

Test transmissions - Texas Radio Shortwave via Channel 292 (English) on Sat May 16, 2020
0300-0400  3955 ROB 004 kW / non-dir to CeEu
1800-1900  3955 ROB 004 kW / non-dir to CeEu
2100-2200  3955 ROB 004 kW / non-dir to CeEu

Test transmissions - Radio DARC via Channel 292 on 3955 kHz
2100-2200  3955 ROB 004 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Fri, May 15
2200-2300  3955 ROB 004 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Sat, May 16
2100-2200  3955 ROB 004 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Fri/Sat from May 22
(DXB 11 May)

KTWR’s Chinese DRM block that is currently on 11995 kHz on Wednesdays at 1026-1055 UTC will be moved to Saturdays on 9910 kHz at 1100-1130 UTC. We just received FCC approval for this change recently. The change will be effective 23 May. This is being done in response to listener requests. Our other two DRM blocks were moved from weekday to weekend slots for the same reason. In both previous cases, the number of listener reports spiked. We believe that most SW listeners greatly prefer weekends, so we hope to expand our audience further with this move.

Revised schedule of FEBA India on 11580 kHz via KTWR Asia-Guam
1245-1300 on 11580 TRM 200 kW / 285 deg to SoAs Malayalam Thu-Sat
Tamil Mon; English Tue; Malayalam Wed & Telugu Sun are cancelled
(DX Bulgaria 13 May 2020)

Papua New Guinea
NBC Madang reactivated on 3260 kHz.

3260 NBC Madang. First day back on the air after a considerable absence, heard again May 11, from 1129-1222.* DJ in Pidgin playing mostly pop Pacific Islands songs. After 1202 UT \\ to NBC Bougainville (3325 kHz) with news in English. Mostly poor reception, but wonderful to hear them back on the air again!

3325 NBC Bougainville. After 1202 UT on May 11, noted \\ NBC Madang on 3260 kHz, with news in English, many ads and English public-service announcement segments. Statio ID as,
this is NBC." Noted still on when tuned out at 1330, so still with special extended schedule.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, May 11)
(WWDXC/Top Nx 1425/12 May 2020)

Zambia NBC, Radio 1. After days inactive on its usual frequency on 5915 kHz, the station today was using 5995 kHz, heard via TWR SDR in Johannesburg, South Africa, 0505-0608 UT, 06 May. News in English. Station identification "Radio 1", "Zambia Broadcasting Corporation." African songs, vernacular comments, mentioned "Coronavirus, Zambia.” Also checked with ZBC website at: Radio 1 program, 5995 kHz and online program matches.

Here in Lugo, north west of Spain, eclipsed by Radio Mali, Bamako on the same frequency. Radio Mali, 5995 kHz, opened today, 0605 UT, earlier than other days, at 0453 UT on air with African songs and identifications: "Radio Mali", "Radio Mali ... FM". Fair to good signal

If Zambia changes its frequency from 5915 to 5995 kHz, it will be very difficult to heard it here in Europe because in the early morning, late afternoon and night Radio Mali is on air on the same 5995 kHz frequency. (Manuel Mendez)
(WWDXC-Top Nx 1425/12 May 2020)

In a follow-up to this frequency observation, DX Bulgarai reported on 13 May, Zambia's new schedule as; 0230-2230 UTC. This has not confirmed for all hours.