Friday, April 10, 2009

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sing-on sign-off*

Andaman & Nicobar Island
4760, All India Radio-Port Blair (presumed). 1445-1500, April 10. In English (Indian accent) with sermon about Good Friday; not parallel to 9425, but programs were very similar;religious songs (Christian) weak signal (Ron Howard, CA)

11775, Caribbean Beacon. 1246-1258. Good Friday, 2009. English. Pastor Melissa Scott with talks on the redeeming power of the blood of Christ Jesus, and the finer points of the ancient Greek language. Good signal quality. (Joe Wood, TN).

11710.73v, RAE, 0106-0125, April 9. In Japanese with tango music; “R-A-E, RAE” IDs; fair; at about 0243 was weak, in English with LA music (Ron Howard, CA)

11825, Radio Australia, 1337-1429*, April 10. program in Chinese with English language lesson (“Julia will be on a plane between Darwin and Singapore”, etc.); ID at sign-off; mostly fair (Ron Howard, CA)

9580, Radio Australia (Shepperton). 1220-1225. Good Friday, 2009. Coverage of commanding officer of UN peacekeeping contingent in Rwanda. Good. //9560 poor//9590 fair. (Joe Wood, TN).

4910, ABC Tennant Creek, 0828-0830, Just a couple more minutes left on the schedule for today. Noted music when tuning in. At 0929 observed male announcer in English. Couldn't catch the details due to noise and signal's poor strength. Off the air at exactly 0830. (Chuck Bolland, FL April 10, 2009)

6160 CKZN,- ST John's Newfoundland, 0129-0206 + 0225-0241, April 9. Fairly good signal strength but mixing with Vancouver; program “Q”, talking about acting; radio drama “Monsoon House”, with subcontinent music; segment about “The Armchair Guide to Survival” (Ron Howard, CA)

6070 CFRX-CFRB (Mississauga) 1227-1231. Good Friday, 2009. English programming, “The
Home Improvement” program featuring listeners’ call-ins. Promos and ads for local businesses. Local weather and news at 1230. ID as “New Talk 10-10-CFRB.” Good. (Joe Wood, TN).

5925, China National Radio Five, (pres), 1002-1015 Missed the opening remarks but at tune in noted a male in Chinese language comments which sounded like news items. At 1007 a brief interlude of fanfare music then a female speaks. Signal was poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL April 10, 2009)

11785 Hmong Lao Radio via WHRI (p)1320-1329 Apr 5. Male announcer in presumed Hmong language, followed by quaint Hmong vocal music. Clear until 1327, when a Chinese language station came on the frequency. (John Wilkins, CO)

Czech Republic
13580, Radio Prague (Litomysl). 1305. English service. lady announcer with station ID and discussion of the Czech Constitution and the situation of having two Prime Ministers. Poor signal quality. (Joe Wood, TN).

9975, Trans World Radio (t) (Merizo). 1236-1302. Good Friday, 2009. Prayers and inspriration talk segment in Oriental language. Into English language lesions at 1330. (Joe Wood, TN).

9425, AIR Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) - National Channel, 1433-1500, April 10. In English; news bulletin; ID for “National Channel”; western music; religious segment with sermon about Good Friday, along with religious songs (Christian); fair (Ron Howard, CA)

9680, RRI Jakarta, 1022-1030, With a hetrodyne noted on the upper side of the signal, noted a female in Indo comments. After notching out the het, the signal was good. At 1025 music - Roller Rink type music. This was only a few bars before the female returns in comments and takes a telephone called from a male listener. After the call at 1030, music heard. Signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, FL April 10, 2009 )


5985.0, Radio Myanma, 1530-1545, April 10. In English; full ID; news (Prime Minister General Thein Sein and other top generals of the State Peace and Development Council left today for Pattaya, in Thailand, to attend the ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] summit, etc.). Back in 1968, while I was stationed at U-Tapao/Sattahip, I had the good fortune to visit nearby Pattaya and enjoy the magnificent beach there. Weather, followed by music program (Ron Howard, CA).

Papua New Guinea
3905 Radio New Ireland 1221-1300 Apr 4. Presumed station with island and choral vocal music, occasional male announcer in Pidgin language. Program ended around 1300; carrier went off around 1310 per re-checks. Fair signal with amateur radio intrference bserved. (John Wilkins, CO)

6019.40, Radio Victoria, 0810-08.. , Noted at tune in, a man praying, followed by program ID as, "La Voz de Biblia". Male/female talk segment. Noted frequency at this period was clear of any
interference; even though the signal was poor and details were difficult to hear, it was evident that the band hadn't faded in yet. At 0818 a different male begins talking about the "memoria*".(Chuck Bolland, F)

5920, Radio Rossii, Petropavlov, 0920-1002. Male/female host in Russian with program comments. Musical selection at 0922, which was possibly a cut from the females album since the preceeding conversation sounded like an interview. During the period I never heard an ID for "Radio Rossii" or even the "Voice of Russia". At 0959 noted an ID by a female as "Radio Rossii" followed by time tics and into new hour. Signal has now degraded from a fair level to poor
level. After another ID as Rossii, news presented by a female. (Chuck Bolland, FL April 10, 2009)

9455 Radio Thailand *1400-1429* Apr 4. One chime, quick English identification and into English newscast, followed by more talk and commentary. Transmission ended at 1429 with chimes. Fair signal. (John Wilkins,CO)