Friday, February 19, 2010

Blog Logs

the latest monitoirng on shortwave radio ... what are you hearing ?

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

2325, ABC Northern Territory Service (Tennant Creek), 1208-1236. English. All three 120 meter NT Service stations were audible for the first time in recent months. Program included pop music at 1208 followed by talk between the announcer and other men, one at a time. ABC national news was read by a woman at 1230. "Saturday Night Country" program began at 1235. Signal was poor to moderate with fading on 2325essentially the same on 2310, and much weaker on 2485. (Jim Evans, TN)

17610, AWR Afar language program via Moosbrunn transmission center in Austria. 1430-1500 UT fluttering with Horn of Africa music at S=8-9 level. wb, Germany/HCDX)

3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski (Cochabamba) (presumed) 0918-0931. Quechua (per schedule). Program of local music with talk segments by woman. Poor signal with minimal fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, 1015-1030. Noted a few bars of music until a male and female converse in Spanish language. The conversation continues during the period. Signal was poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5970 Radio Itatiaia, 2300. News program with host. Ad block at 2304 starting with nice station ID promo. Great promo at 2308 with station frequency given and screaming "Itatiaia". Good signal and fairly clear except for a little splatter from an adjacent frequency. (Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX)

9505 Radio Record, 2316. Lucky to tune-in right when they played the full station ID anouncement with jingles. Fair signal quality. (Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX)

11765, Super Radio Deus é Amor, Curitiba, 0055-0115. ID announcements at 0101. Local religious music. Portuguese preacher. Fair signal. // 6060 - weak under Cuba. // 9565.22 - threshold signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5075, Voice of Pujiang (Shanghai), 1246-1253. Chinese. Talk by man and woman. A few bars of Chinese music at 1252, then more talk by woman. Poor signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

7325, China Radio International, 1010-1020. Noted a male and female giving news and comments in Japanese language. Signal was at a fair level. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6010.03, LV de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras,1035-1115. Spanish religious talk. National anthem at 1102 followed by ID, short music breaks and back to Spanish religious talk. Poor signal in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6035, LV del Guaviare, San José Guaviare, 1033-1110. Children’s chorus. Spanish talk. Local music. Station ID to national anthem at 1058. Spanish announcements at 1100. Spanish talk. Fair but some noise on frequency. (Brian Alexander, PA)

15670, via Pridnestrovye, Radio Mada International *1530-1600.* Test tones at 1527. Sign on at 1530 with Malagasy talk. Sat, Sun only. Fair signal level but poor overall signal due to co-channel QRM from Miraya 101 FM. (Brian Alexander, PA)

15670, via Slovakia, 15670, Miraya 101 FM, 1420-1600. Tune-in to pop music by Beyonce and others. Vernacular and English talk concerning Sudan. “Miraya FM” ID at 1431 followed by Afro-pop music and some western pop music. Time pips at 1500 followed by “Miraya 101” ID and English news, Gave website. Arabic talk at 1511. Fair signal until 1530 when hit with co-channel QRM from Radio Mada Int at their 1530 sign on. Radio Mada on the air Sat, Sun only. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Diego Garcia
4319, AFRTS, 2330-2359. News and features in English. Signal was good and solid signal. Listed on AOKI as Diego, but sounds too good? Looking at the DX Edge, Florida and Diego Garcia are sharing the grey line at this time. As I listen to the signal from Diego Garcia, I can anticipate it will be fading in a few minutes as Diego Garcia awakens to morning Sunlight. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

15315 YFR to India in Malayalam language. S=8 signal some 120 kilometers away of the TX site. With accompanied "round-the-globe" echo,which occurs often in 14-15 UT slot, at least on powerful WER, NAU, or SMG Vatican Radio transmissions.(wb, Germany/ HCDX)

ERA-5 program in Greek on all three channels 9420, 11645 and 15630 kHz in 0700-1000 UT range this morning. Nothing heard from multi lingual R Filia relay on 11645 kHz. Now at 1050 UT only 9420 kHz is on the air during maintenance break. (wb, Germany/HCDX)

9525.96v. Came surprisingly across of Voice of Indonesia, German program from Jakarta Cimanggis at 1715 UT. In peaks up to S=9+20dB at 1715-1720 UT with newscast program, which read slowly by charming exotic female reader. ID "Stimme Indonesiens". Scheduled in actual schedule fact as VOI Arabic program at that time, and German section should be scheduled to begin with 90 minutes later.(wb, Germany/HCDX)

Now at 1730 UT interference became stronger on adjacent channel: YFR Arabic at 17-18 UT via VT-group Rampisham with 500 kW on 9530 kHz even in direction of 105 degr, strong beast S=9+40dB. Best reception of Indonesia on portable Eton E1 set SYNC function mode and Pass Band Tuning by mius 700 Hertz shift. (wb, Germany/HCDX)

4880 All India radio-Lucknow, Heard via long path from 0119 tune with male and female announcers, and what sounded like an interview or discussion between two men 0125 to 0135. This was followed by vocal/instumental Indian music with announcer at at 0136.5. Steady S2 signal with no interference, but moderate level of local noise. Fading slowly after 0130 consistent with local sunrise in Lucknow. (Bruce Churchill/Cumbre DX)

9470, All India Radio National Channel (Aligarh), 2323-2330. Hindi into Hindi vocal music. Announcements by man at 2328. Talk by woman at 2330. Poor but steady signal, improving slightly. Parallel noted on 9425 (Bengaluru) with similar signal, but under China Radio Internaitonal (Jinhua). (Jim Evans, TN)

4010/4050 Kyrgyz Radio. On 4010 and relay of Radio Rossi on 4050 are putting in weak audio around 0130 via long path (our local twilight), but not yet clearly discernable pgm details. Expect these channels to improve in coming weeks. Definite carriers visible on the Perseus. These are also possible in local mornings, around 1400. (Bruce Churchill/Cumbre DX)

17725, LBJ "Voice of Africa" from Sabrata, Libya, S=9+30dB, ID at 1435 UT "...broadcasting from the Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya..." ... news by female like "AFG + PAK region most trouble for US America..." \\ 21695 tiny S=4 signal. En news at 1434-1442 UT, like Pakistan atomic dilemma. 1443 UT reading from Green Book. (wb, Germany/HCDX)

9690, Radio Free Asia relay, 1032-1050. At tune in, noted a male and female in Tibetan(listed) language comments. Later while a male talks in Tibetan, noted English language comments presented from an earlier English spot. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

North Korea
3912, Voice of the People (Goyang, Gyeonggi-do), 0927-0936. Korean. Talk by man. Traditional music at 0930. Talk by woman at 0935. Poor signal with fading. No jammer noted on 3912, but definitely in business on weaker 6518 and 6600 parallels. (Jim Evans, TN)

11565, Radio Pakistan Islamabad-PAK at 1420 UT. S=8-9 \\ 7510 which was S=6 only. QRM by 7505 FEBC Manila in Mandarin, and much stronger 7515 (x9670) RFA Tinian in Vietnamese at S=8 signal.(wb, Germany/HCDX)

3329.52, Ondas Del Huallaga, 1124-1135. Noted a very weak signal here mixing with
CHU with a male in brief Spanish comments followed with music. A difficult catch since CHU's carrier needed to be notched out. Best heard in LSB this morning. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

3329.53, Ondas de Huallaga, 1050-1100. Spanish comments, of course ODH is mixing with CHU here. Best heard when a gradual tuning is accomplished on the weaker carrier until a null is hit, then notch out the stronger carrier from CHU. The Spanish comments continue. Signal was poor.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

Radio Veritas Asia (Palauig), 2342-2348. Vietnamese. Religious talk by woman. Poor but steady signal. Burmese broadcast from same site noted on 9720 at same time with slightly stronger signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

Pirates (US)
6850.7 AM, MAC Radio, 1632-1730. Radio Prague interval signal at 1632. Station ID to rock music. Good signal quality.(Brian Alexander, PA)

6876.07 AM, The Crystal Ship, 1640-1727.* Music by Pat Benatar, Bruce Springsteen and others. Very good signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Sri Lanka
11750, SLBC Ekala scheduled in Sinhala language via the 300 kW TX gift by NHK World Tokyo. On schedule at 1500-1900 UT towards Middle East to the Ceylonese nationals as Foreign Workers living on the Arabic peninsula. S=9+20dB at 1635 UT Feb 13. Typical increased spring timepropagation appearance here in Europe. (wb, Germany)

4990 Radio Apintie. Heard at 0758 tune in with best signals ever heard here. Program difficult to copy due to interference from 4.985 but at 0814 I could easily hear a man in Dutch with what sounded like devotional talk. Another male announcer's Dutch at 0830, then into light vocals at 0835. SINPO 3+2533 with heavy interference from Brazil on 4985 necessitating +1.25 KHz bandpass shift and notching for readability. After 0845 interference gradually diminished making bandpass adjustments unnecessary.

4765 Tajik Radio. Domestic program from 0133 tune in with woman announcer, followed by Tajik vocal/instumental music. Man/woman announcers interspersed with brief instrumental music segments, and more Tajik music. Much better signal levels than recently heard, peaking to S3 between 0155 to 0210. Voice of Tajikistan FS on 7245 was well below 4765 in sig level. (Bruce Churchill/Cumbre DX)

12095, Radio Thailand, *0030-0040.+ Abrupt sign on with English programming. Promo for Thai Airways at 0031.English news at 0034. Fair to good. (Brian Alexander, PA)

12035/15300, TRT English, 1400-1420. 12035CAK suffered a little by buzz content, and had only 20% of modulation level. Much, much stronger \\ signal of sideback lobe 15300EMR Emirler transmission on S=9+20dB signal. Co-channel RFI transmission at ISS is only 600 kilometers away, so mostly on dead zone signal level, S=4 today 14-15 UT. (wb, Germany/HCDX)

4965 CVC. Gangbusters signal from 0400 tune with religious songs and various prayers and devotional messages In AEnglish. SINPO 45444.Excellent signal past 0450. One of the best sigs from CVC here in recentmonths.(Bruce Churchill/Cumbre DX)