Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Myanma Radio monitoring

// parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*
7185.75v, Myanma Radio, randomly from 1308 to 1530 UTC sign-off, Feb 15. Interesting developments! Heard with two different Myanmar audio feeds, one was weak and clearly // 5985, while the other one was at a fair level and not // to 5915. Both in vernacular with indigenous songs.
So Myanmar is clearly still on 5915, but they simply have an earlier sign off time now (sometime shortly after 1500), which mislead me to think they were off the air. By 1343 a heavy noise was heard blocking 5915 reception, which was the N. Korean jammer intended for the start of Shiokaze on 5910 at 1400, but Shiokaze today fooled them and started their half hour program up on 5985, where they caused heavy interference for Myanmar.

At 1529 noted sign off announcement with frequencies, followed by indigenous instrumental music. After the end of the music I could faintly hear the start of the English segment usually heard on 5985, "good evening dear listeners, this is Naypyidaw Myanma Radio" and then off the air. Mauno Ritola (Finland) today noted that 5985 signed off at 1500, something I had missed, but their programming did continue on 7185.75v. Frequency definitely slightly higher than my Feb 13 reception and heard with a slight drift (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA)

7185.70, Myanma Radio, 1444-1530*, Feb 13, ex:5915. Vernacular with easy-listening indigenous songs. Signal almost fair, 1528 sign off announcement with frequencies, followed by indigenous instrumental music till off the air. Not // 5985. Myanmar not heard on 5915 or 9730.8v, even though this frequency will cause new interference for amateur radio operators, it is infinitely better than former 5915, which had strong China Radio Int'l interference. More people should now be able to hear and enjoy this station here! Seeing as the frequency is off set, perhaps it is via Yangon and not Naypyidaw (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA/Cumbre DX)