Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Logs

// parallel frequency * sign-on / sign-off*

Logs edired for clarity

All times UTC

Ascension Island
11770, BBC relay, 0708. Panel discussion in English about Sudan and South Sudan. Good signal quality. (Harold Sellers-BC)

4835, ABC VL8A Alice Springs, 1157-1228v and 1248-1301. Live coverage of the Richmond Tigers playing the St. Kilda Saints. Game ended at 1226 with Tigers winning by eight goals, played the Tigers club song. Recap of the game - 49,337 fans at the stadium; 1300 into “Nightlife” program about the transit of Venus. MP3 audio clip at . (Ron Howard, CA)

6134.83, Radio Santa Cruz, 0107-0109.* Just caught the end of their transmission, signing off with their “Santa Cruz” song. Fair. Sign off time seems to vary quite a bit. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6134.807, Radio Santa Cruz, 0950-1005. Noted male host in Spanish with comments. At 0956 a momentary break for music then back to comments. Some kind of automatic signal just south of Radio Santa Cruz causing interference. However, the signal was fair level. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5940.10, Voz Missionária, 0610-0625. Portuguese religious talk. Some inspirational music. // 9665.03. Both frequencies weak. (Alexander-PA)

9665, Voz Missionaria Florianopolis 0502-0510. Ballads and easy-listening music to male announcer with talk. Poor signal - //5940 with usual 5935-MGS splatter. (Scott Barbour-NH)

15191.8, Radio Inconfidencia, 0559. Portuguese, with English pop music, 0601 announcements and ID. Fair signal quality. (Harold Sellers-BC

6070, CFRX Toronto, 0649. “Comedy Radio”, 0650 sports item, spot for Toronto Recycling, 0652 back to comedy. Fair signal. (Harold Sellers-BC)

6135, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata,Japan *1330, June 15 (Friday). Scheduled: *1330-1430*; continuing with English on Friday; “Today’s News Flash” with news about North Korea (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

14950, Sound of Hope via Taiwan, 1158-1215 Chinese. Religious music to 1200. News with musical fanfare between items. Ssound bites in English to 1212 clear ID over soft religious song spelled out: “w-w-w-s-o-u-n-d-o-f-h-o-p-e-o-r-g” followed by “Sound of Hope” in English. Back to the news. Poor signal - much better by 1321 (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

15420, Radio Free Sarawak via Palau, 1109. Probably is just improved reception conditions, but this has recently been heard with almost good reception till 1200.* usually with on air phone conversations in vernacular with occasional IDs (Ron Howard, San Francisco at Ocean Beach, CA)

via Germany, 11870, Radio Biafra, London,*2000-2100.* Sign on with local African music and opening announcements. Vernacular talk. Some occasional English. Poor to fair in noisy conditions. Thur, Sat only. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5910, Radio Alcaraván, 0654. Spanish. Popular Latin American music, 0655 ID. Fair signal (Harold Sellers-BC)

9760, Cyprus Broadcasting Corp, *2217-2244.* Sign on with their usual Greek theme music. Greek talk over lite piano music. Abrupt sign off. Good. // 5925 - very weak. // 7220 not heard earlier in broadcast but was on the air at 2243 check. Fri, Sat, Sun only. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9705.03, Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, *0257-0310. Sign on with interval signal. Vernacular talk at 0300. Horn of Africa music. Fair until 0258 when covered by Ethiopia 9705 sign on. But still able to hear a weak Eritrea under Ethiopia past 0258. // 7175 - poor with Amateur radio interference. (Brian Alexander, PA)

7179.990 Probably Vo Broad Masses 2 (Dimtsi Hafash) Asmara-SeleavDaro noted around 1724 with childrens choir performance, S=5-6vsignal on remote unit in Japan.

From 1729 noted short piece of Horn-of-Africa music. Pip at 1730 UT, thenvnews in Vernac, seemingly Somali language according to Japanese Aoki list. No Ethiopian jamming in digital mode noted so far tonight.(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews/HCDX)

4055, Radio Verdad, 0542. English, preacher to 0546, then pause until hymn at 0550. Good signal but many storm static crashes. (Harold Sellers-BC)

5010, AIR Thiruvananthapuram 0018-0023. Interval signal at tune- Vande Mataram at 0200. Brief from male announcer into Hindi newscast. Signal poor. (Scott Barbour-NH)

7289.96v, RRI Nabire (presumed), 0747-0817. Bahasa Indonesian. Easy-listening music program to tentative station ID. Signal began as poor, but improved till almost fair at 0817 tune out. Rechecked at 0825, but was already gone (Ron Howard, San Francisco at Ocean Beach)

7555, VOA relay 2214. English news on northern India and the Japanese Prime Minister. Fair signal with 7550-AIR Delhi splash, 2238 recheck: In the clear after 7550-AIR sign-off with VOA promos. URL noted in ECCS-LSB. (Scott Barbour-NH)

7295, Traxx FM, 1326-1333. As Mauno, et al. have also been observing, this has been having an erratic schedule. Several station promos. ID: “Traxx FM Travel n’ Music, 90.7”; DJ Kim Robson with UK music chart show. Public service announcement MP3 audio at with almost good reception (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

5995, RTVM, *0555-0605. Sign on with guitar interval signal. National anthem at 0558 Heard flute interval signal and opening French ID announcements at 0559. Vernacular talk at 0600. Indigenous vocals at 0602. Signal strength at good level but weak modulation. (Brian Alexander-PA)

4755.48, PMA-The Cross Radio (presumed), 1218- 1225, + 1319. Running later than normal; someone again forgot to turn off the transmitter. Christian songs. Poor signal with RTTY interference. (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

15120, Voice of Nigeria. English service - gave all of today’s programming schedule and will be focusing on World Blood Donor Day. Announced they switch frequency to sounded like 9590(?), whereas website shows 9690, for the program “Health Corner” at “09-15 G.M.T.” to West Africa. Good signal strength, but with the usual prominent
whine/hum. MP3 audio posted at (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

Papua New Guinea
3315, NBC Manus, 1240-1313. Tok Pisin language with many IDs for “N-B-C Manus.” Gave frequencies (“shortwave frequency 3,315 kilohertz”)on air phone calls. Pop songs
(“Can't Stop Loving You” by Phil Collins, etc.)1301 NBC National “News Roundup” in English. Public Service announcement about upcoming national elections on June 23. Nice to hear this with so many IDs! Edited MP3 audio at . (Ron Howard, CA)

15275, Deutsche Welle relay. 0603, English, woman with news to 0605, ID. Fair. (Harold Sellers-BC)

7385 Xizang PBS Lhasa 2244-2304. Male/female announcers in listed Tibetan with occasional wind instruments. Musical ballad and talk over music. Brief program announcement in anthem like music at 2300 with male's talk over. Announcers in Chinese with presumed CNR-8 relay sked for this time; fair. (Scott Barbour-NH)

12025, TWR India via Tashkent *0030-0043. Interval signal to brief announcement in vernacular. Bit of Hindi music at 0031 with announcer's talk over. Male announcer from 0032 thru tune-out. Fair signal quality. (Scott Barbour-NH)