Friday, June 22, 2012

Radio Netherlands Weekly Program Preview 23-28

Yes, it's that time of the week again - time to find out what's coming up on Radio Netherlands Worldwide!

We hope you find something worth tuning in for.

Also, a reminder that this is the second last programme preview. Next week's edition will have the line-up for Friday 29 June - our last day of broadcasting.

The State we're In
Jonathan Groubert and his team look at current events from an unexpected perspective.

This week: Teacher, Teacher

A teacher in the UK turns around a problem class, only to get fired. And a teacher in Mexico sings songs to keep her class calm during a shooting.

First airing: Saturday 02:00 UTC

Earth Beat
Marnie Chesterton and her team look at the footprint we’re leaving on our planet.

This week: Summertime

It's summertime. And the living is easy. Or is it? From mobile pool parties and turning your backyard garden into a farm to scanning the horizon for forest fires, we take a look at a great deal of hard work that revolves around warmer weather.

First airing: Friday 03:00 UTC

South Asia Wired
Stories from South Asia.

This week:

In Kathmandu, Sunita Ghimeri and her team of visually impaired girls fight against the public’s prejudice against handicapped people... by playing cricket.

(There'll be a new edition of the program on Thursday)

First airing: Thursday 10:00 UTC

Bridges With Africa
We're giving the microphone to Diaspora groups in Europe and are linking up with stations in Africa.

This week:

The European Union launches a new strategy to combat human trafficking
Guinea Bisau: life after the coup
Reggae Senegalese style with Max Usufa

First airing: Friday 00:00 UTC

Africa in Progress
Inspiring round-table discussions with guest speakers and in-depth interviews give listeners food for thought.

This week: Dance is an attempt to remember my name

Congolese choreographer Faustin Linyekula was shocked at how Africa was portrayed in a ballet that was intended to become the only negro ballet in history.

The ballet “The Creation of the World” (La création du monde) was composed in France in 1923, just after World War I to announce a new dawn, after so much death and destruction.

Faustin decided to reconstruct this ballet, in an attempt he says, to remember his name.

First airing: Monday 18:00 UTC

Commonwealth Story
A selection of winning stories chosen from the large number of entries for the 2010 Commonwealth Short Story Competition.

This week: Vantage Point, by Sandrina Abeywardene (Sri Lanka). Kindness and violence on the streets of Colombo. Read by Madhav Sharma.

First airing: Tuesday 01:50 UTC

Global Perspective
Who says I can’t… is the motto of this year’s collaboration of international broadcasters, offering stories of defiance and perseverance.

This week: Who says I can’t squat?

Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s Dheera Sujan visits Sanne, Tom and Bo – three Dutch squatters. She hears their struggle to build – and keep – their home amid the new anti-squat laws in the Netherlands.

First airing: Monday 17:30 UTC

European Jazz Stage
Performances from the continent’s hottest clubs, concert halls and festivals, including the spectacular North Sea Jazz Festival.

This week:

It's bass on top this week at European Jazz Stage. With Marcus Miller remembering his Tutu time with Miles Davis, Charles Mingus evoked by the Metropole Orchestra and an Icelandic bass player brings us Gatecrash.

Taking you through this very last episode of European Jazz Stage on Radio Netherlands Worldwide is your host Benjamin Herman.

First airing: Monday 01:00 UTC

RNW Classical
Classical concerts from the Royal Concertgebouw as well as studio recordings of Dutch performers, presented by Hans Haffmans.

Available 24 hours a day

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