Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blog Logs

// parallel frequency *sign-on - sign-off*

logs edited for clarity

All times UTC

11710.69, RAE, 0206-0233. English with fair reception. Chatting about whale watching in Patagonia to pop songs. Review of an interview regarding the U.N. Committee on Decolonization and the disputed Malvinas Islands. MP3 audio at . (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

4835, ABC VL8A Alice Springs. Back to a full broadcasting day on June 18, unlike the 17th shortened schedule. Noted at 1147. Signal fair - best in LSB (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

4750, Bangladesh Betar/Home Service 1235-1242. Noted June 18 (Monday) at 1234 subcontinent music and then into the Monday only SAARC news bulletin in English. Poor mixing with CNR1, still no sign of RRI Makassar (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

5952.43, Radio Pio Doce (presumed), 0137-0151. Spanish. Indigenous songs to chatting on the phone. Covered by interference at 0149 from 5950. Switched to USB, but not as good as heard up till then in LSB. Signal with local interference, but better than usual. (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

15420, Radio Free Sarawak via Palau, 1155-1159.* Vernacular language with IDs and playing indigenous music before going off a few seconds before 1200. Interesting how I am able to hear this fairly well for a while and then it drops to threshold level for several days and today back again to fair reception (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

9760, Cyprus Broadcasting Corp, *2215-2244.* Sign on with their usual Greek theme music. Discussion in Greek. Good. // 5925 - very weak. // 7220 - on the air at 2218 with a fair to good signal. Fri, Sat, Sun only, but irregular (Brian Alexander-PA)

9525.97, Voice of Indonesia. Back to the normal edition of the Tuesday only “Exotic Indonesia, ” (June 19) a co-production between Jakarta and RRI Banjarmasin. At 1301 only heard open carrier. At 1314 audio was on with news followed by commentary, 1322 program ID for “Exotic Indonesia” a co-production between Jakarta and RRI Banjarmasin (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

15540, Radio Kuwait 1754. Abruptly on frequency while awaiting English sign-on at 1800. Male's Arabic vocal song to 1758. Lady announcer's station announcement to national anthem at 1759. Signal time tips at 1800 followed by English station ID and brief return to anthem. Upcoming program information, followed by male's program feature on Kuwaiti history. SINPO 44343. S-7 carrier and male's possible Arabic audio on 13650, which should be their General Service in Arabic.(Gayle Van Horn, NC)

6130, Lao National Radio, Vientiane. 1400-1410. Theme music into English. Station ID “This is the Lao National Radio.” Male/female alternating with the news items. Signal poor. Yesterday’s non-English must have been due to it being the weekend. June 19 theme music and into English at 1402 (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

11665, Wai FM via RTM, 1310. Good in vernacular with fun singing IDs and station promos. Unedited MP3 audio at (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

9635, RTVM, *0759-0810. Station sign on with flute interval signal and opening French ID announcements. Vernacular talk at 0800. Fair at 0759 sign on but dropped down to weak modulation at 0800. (Brian (Alexander-PA)

5985.0, Myanmar Radio. Random checking from 1210 to 1345 found them on this exact frequency instead of the normally heard 5985.84, so perhaps maintenance work on the off frequency transmitter? 7200 Myanmar Radio, 1202, June 20 was off the air and also during subsequent checking (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

9690, Voice of Nigeria, *0830-0840. Late sign-on with talk in listed Hausa. Nigeria was on 15120 until approximately 0810 in Hausa. Fair. 15120, Voice of Nigeria, *0446-0510. Sign on with interval signal and station ID sequence. Short National anthem at 0455. Opening English announcements at 0456 and preview of upcoming programs. News at 0501. “Listeners’ Letters” program at 0506. Fair signal strength but whine in audio. (Brian Alexander-PA)
15140, Radio Sultanate of Oman (presumed) 1817. A solid S-6 signal strength amid excessive noise. Very faintly heard male's Arabic singing to 1820. Announcer's text and brief bits of music fading up again briefly at 1825. Buried by 1828. (Gayle Van Horn, NC)

Papua New Guinea
3325, NBC Bougainville (presumed), 1254-1302.* Definitely ex: 1200*. Heard mixing with RRI Palangkaraya; played pop songs; 1301 EZL instrumental till assume a very short sign off announcement. Am happy to have a positive sign off time which conforms to my June 4th log of 1302. (Ron Howard,Asilomar State Beach, CA)

4955.087, Radio Cultura Amauta (presumed) 0040-0100. Tune-in, only audible in the noise was soft music. At 0046 announcer (probably a female?) talks for a minute or two. Music continues afterwards. Signal was poor during the period. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

Saudi Arabia
15435, BSKSA/Call of Islam 1508-1545 tune-out. Male's Arabic call. Weaker (SIO 322) on // 15255 kHz. Very weak Qu'ran programming on 17615 at 1615. Call of Islam programming observed again on 15435 audible (SIO 443)at 1645 recheck. Quality improved as SIO 443. BSKSA/First General Program audible in Arabic at 1655 check, noted running // with 15435 kHz, though considerably weaker. Time signal beeps at 1700 on 15435 with Arabic station ID and fanfare trumpets to brief Arabic news items. Return to Call of Islam programming at 1704,noted on weaker // 15255 to 1756 sign-off with ID or anthem. Rechecks next day (6/20) at 1732, BSKSA/First General Program on 15225. Call to prayers, brief text in Arabic. Qu'ran program on 15205 at 1745 check // 13710 & 17560. (Gayle Van Horn, NC)

17690, WYFR Family Radio 1832. Relay via Wooferton (250 kW) targeted to south east Europe. Male's religious text format, listed as Turkish. Religious instrumental commencing at 1845-1847. Announcement to lady's vocal hymn. (Gayle Van Horn, NC)