Monday, August 20, 2012

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logs edited for clarity

6060 2222-2252. Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior, Buenos Aires. Spanish via lady announcer with public talk and mentions of Buenos Aires and applause. Male's talk amid poor signal with interference from Sichuan PBS. Heterodyne and local noise, best in LSB, // with some delay (Mikhail Timofeyev, Russia/HCDX)

5940, Radio Australia, 1345. English, “Feature Album of the Week” profiling the band Sasquatch. Good. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

15105.0, Bangladesh Betar English service here with a very weak signal, 12:35 - 13:00*. Was able to ID them only by going to the webSDR at University of Twente in the Netherlands which had a very good signal. During musical selection, it was very clearly the same station I was hearing. Program consisted of male announcer with commentary (items on World Humanitarian Day and cockfighting). Occasional music. At 12:58, announcer promised music, but received two minutes of loud hum instead. At sign-off male announcer with postal and web addresses for Bangladesh Betar. (Arthur Delibert, Maryland/HCDX)

15520, Bangladesh Betar, 1344* and *1358. Test tone from 1344 to 1358. External Service interval signal to time pips. Reception poor, with interference. (Ron Howard, CA)

4699.34, Radio San Miguel Riberalta 0903-0915. Spanish announcements at tune-in and presumed sign-on. Male announcer with talk to Bolivian music. Signal poor though improved. (Scott Barbour, NH)

4809.5, Radio Logos, 0936. Spanish. Lively Latin American music - station audible by tune down from nominal 4810 to avoid co-channel utility, which dominates the frequency at my location. (Scott Barbour, NH)

7245, 7265 CNR2. 1443, Chinese. Pop music, announcements over music, sound effects. 7245 was a bit better than 7265. Fair. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

5985, Shiokaze Sea Breeze via Japan, 1340. English (Fridays only, 1330-1430). Man with ID “this is Shiokaze Sea Breeze, from Tokyo, Japan.” Story on a “Mr. A”, a North Korea escapee to China who has appealed for permission to go to South Korea. Good. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

17745, Sudan Radio Service via Woofferton, 1501. Vernacular language with the news about “S-P-L-A” (Sudan People's Liberation Army), “General Philip Aguer”, etc. Sound bits in English. Strong signal with good reception. MP3 audio at (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

4749.95, RRI Makassar, 1330. RRI jingle followed by “Ramadan R-R-I Makassar . . . Programa Satu, R-R-I Makassar . . FM . . Ramadan R-R-I Makassar.” Fair signal, MP3
audio (Ron Howard, CA)

6115, Radio Nikkei HS-2 Chiba-Nagara 0842-0900.* Continuous ballads to announcer's Japanese item at 0859 mentioning kilohertz and tentative mention of Chiba. Signal weak but clear in ECCS-USB. I don't believe I have ever logged their Home Service-2 before, obviously a benefit of my now having Sunday mornings off for the first time in 33 years. (Scott Barbour, NH)

5985.809, Myanmar Radio Yangon. Pop music concert. A 11:20, noted on remote Queensland radio, S=8 at -78dBm, but nothing noted so far on 5915 channel tonight.

7109.993 Much stronger at S=9+20dB -56dBm. Myanmar Radio Naypyidaw, international pop music.

7345 Myanmar Rakhine Broadc. Stn. Myanmar Radio Naypyidaw. Heard underneath China's CNR1 Beijing #572 site, co-channel between 1100 and 1200. Aoki list show 1030 Kayah, 1130 Gekho, 1230-1330 Mon languages.(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 19/HCDX)

North Korea
3250, Voice of Korea, 1200. Station interval signal to sign-on in Japanese. Announcements to national anthem. Fair signal - also see 4404.85 below. (Harold Sellers Canada)

3320, Pyongyang B.S., 1206. Korean service with males announcer's impassioned speech. Noted on // 6398, not parallel to 3250. Poor signal. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

4404.85, Voice of Korea, 1226. Japanese service. Music to female announcer, discovered parallel to 3250, listed as 4405 in reference sources with numerous languages including Japanese 1200-1250. Poor signal. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

15700. Heavily distorted HQ prayer, performed on Radio Pakistan's Chinese service at 1200-1300. Noted S=9+20dB signal here in Europe at 1230. They use different - unsymmetric - sideband outlets: LSB like 15696 to 15700, but more broadband distorted on USB side 15700 to 15709 kHz. Parallel on 17725 with similar signal strength, but only tiny 10% modulation, only parts of audio peaks heard "now and then".(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews/HCDX)

Papua New Guinea
3260, NBC Madang, 1202-1204.* For over a week had been hearing this with a good
signal before 1200, but when I checked again later they were always off the air. So they are actually now suddenly going off the air much earlier than their normal sign off time. Bird call and start of the NBC National news. Transmitter off in mid-news. Noted on // NBC Sandaun 3204.96 which continued on after 1204.(Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

3345, NBC Northern, the Voice of Oro. Only heard with strong open carrier, but no audio (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

4810.050, Radio Logos, 0227-0320.* Mix of popular songs without any annoucement until just before sign-off. At 0257, seven minutes of what seemed to be hymns, and then back to pop. ("Logos" in Christian theology is the creative word of God.) At 02:16, male announcer with clear mention of "Radio Logos" and "kilohertz." Then another song, and into anthem. Signal was good enough that utility station on USB was not a problem, but CODAR was enough to induce madness. (Albert Delibert, MD/HCDX)

Radio Logos, 4810kHz. Heard also here in the middle of Europe at 0245UTC until sign-off at 0300. Popular melodies, national anthem and a short piece of marimba music before the transmitter was switched off. Weak signal. (Karel Honzik/HCDX)

7540, Voice of America relay, 1433. Panel discussion about Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Fair signal. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

9320, Voice of America relay, 1430. Sign-on with English ID, “welcome to the Voice of America in Burmese.” Lady announcer's Burmese programming. Fair. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

9400, FEBC via Iba 1007-1014. Male announcer CHinese with religious talk with brief lady's announcement over music at 1008 Fair signal quality. (Scott Barbour, NH)

11685, Trans World Radio India, Samara, 1457 with a typical Russian tones on and off, 1459 silence and then music at 1500, with man signing on in Urdu. Lady announcer speaking about the Bible. Fair signal with RTTY interference. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

Solomon Islands
5019.878. Extended English newscast heard from Solomon Islands BC Broadcaster ID, from Honiara. At 1100-1111, station ID heard at 11.06:30 UT. Headlines repeat to 11.10:52. S=9+20dB signal heard on remote unit in Queensland Australia. Religious program followed from 11.11 UT.(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews/HCDX)

South Korea
9640, KBS World Radio, 1414. English services including pop music via male/female announcer duo with light talk, possibly mentioning listeners’ letters, but too weak to understand. Poor signal quality. (Harold Sellers, Canada)

5915 2148-2201.* ZMB Zambia National BC, Lusaka. Vernacular language for male's phone talks with listeners. Final choral national anthem - fair - poor with strong interference from 5920 (Voice of Russia) and local noise, also VOA open carrier starting from 2157 and Yankee Doodle from 2159'12. (Mikhail Timofeyev, Russia/HCDX)