Monday, August 27, 2012

QSLing from the Most Wanted List

In amateur and shortwave radio circles, there are stations considered a snap to hear and verify. And there are those at the top of the heap for Most Wanted. Swains Island, north of Tutuila Island, America Samoa, is one of the most wanted islands to verify, and one whose opportunity occurs rarely.
Despite its small size and remote location, a multinational team will again activate Swains Island and operate on six fully functional stations for 14 days on 1.8-50 MHz, using SSB, CW and RTTY. They expect to arrive on the island and setup on September 4, and plan to begin operations as NH8S the following day.
Amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners can learn more about this historic event on the team website at Links include a log search, photos, bios, sponsorship, QSL information and much more.
The suggested frequencies are where the NH8S team will be transmitting, and most of the time they will likely not be listening on their transmitting frequency. Remember to listen for their complete instructions before calling them.
One of the features of the Club Log is the Geo Propagation tab, which gives you an idea of what time and what band listeners from your area are getting through to the DXpedition station. Logs for NH8S will be accessible via their website.
Plans are to cease operating on September 18, and return to Pago Pago on September 20. Questions should be sent to .
Don’t miss this chance to verify Swains Island from the Most Wanted List.
(Gayle Van Horn/QSL Report/Sept. Monitoring Times)