Wednesday, August 08, 2012

DXers monitor Bangladesh testing

Tonight (August 8, 2012) Bangladesh Betar is testing on 15520 kHz towards Europe. Reports are welcome specially from United Kingdom and France. Transmitter shall remain same including the new 250 kW one but with old antenna system. Irregular broadcast between 1200-2000 UTC.

Bangladesh Betar is extremely pleased for the reception reports for 7250 kHz test broadcast. Further reports are welcome to
(Swopan Chakroborty, Kolkata, India)

Radio Bangladesh schedule on their website: The latest schedule of Radio Bangladesh External Services is available in the following link (which matches with what was monitored):

Bangladesh 7250 - Last WRTH 2010 sked is all on 7250 kHz and seem to be following it and in between maybe as a test filler with Bangla. Good signals. Transmitter has a bit of a hum.

1600-1630 (Middle East)

1630-1730 (Middle East)
1915-2000 (Europe)

1230-1300 (Southeast Asia/South Asia)
1745-1815* (Europe)
Voice of Islam 1815-1900 (Europe)

1515-1545 (South Asia)

1315-1345 (South Asia)

Monitoring observations of Radio Bangladesh External Services, yesterday on 7250 kHz. 1230-1300 English 1315-1345 Nepali 1400-1430 Urdu Around 1600-1630 Arabic, 1630- Bangla
(The sked above is incomplete, more monitoring needed)
Email ID announced as;
(Jose Jacob, India VU2JOS, DXindia Aug 8)

Bangladesh Betar - new transmitter built up on 7250 kHz, test transmissions of foreign service. Quite good reception this evening from Bangladesh Betar external service, resumed on 7250 kHz with a new transmitter.

Heard here from tune-in at 1630 UT when it was carrying Bengali until sign-off at 1730 UT. After a 15 minute pause, the English service commenced at 1745 UT with ID, program preview and news - currently in progress. English to Europe is scheduled to continue until 1900 UT. Announced as "Bangladesh Betar overseas service". Great to hear this back on shortwave, it must be at least three years since the old 7250 kHz transmitter failed.
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK Aug 7)

7250 Dhaka audio quality IS NOT CLEAN.

At 1414 UT Aug 7. Local Asian subcontinent lady singer performed. Around 1405 UT, seemingly news reading. But at 1340 to 1347 UT close-down heard 1020 Hertz test tone continously. Broadcasting pause after 1347 UT, switched off totally. From 1400 UT onwards heard accompanied by a 140 to 160 Hertz buzz hum tone also, also heard during pauses when music stopped and control level is high, at 1418 UT. !

[later] Re 7250 kHz co-channel, before Vatican Radio Rosario starts at 1840 UT, heard both Radio Bangladesh ahead with ID at 1818 UT on even 7250 kHz, here on S=9+25dB level,

and probably is All India Radio-Malayalam from Goa Panaji til 1830 UT on o d d 7249.979 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)
(Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)