Friday, October 05, 2012

Monitoring Indonesia and Malaysia

All times UTC

logs edited for clarity

4749.95, RRI Makassar, 1105-1115. Bahasa Indonesian comments, signal is threshold. (Bolland). Also heard at 1302-1332, with last week’s Kang Guru Indonesia programming in English. Program was preempted by special coverage of a political event, but this Tu Kevin and Ana were back again with KGI, poor with Bangladesh Betar interference. Friendly e-mail from Ana who is just back from a "long Idul Fitri break". Contact info: Rahma Diana Sari (Ana), ELT Media & Communications Co-ordinator, Kang Guru Indonesia, P.O. Box 3095, Denpasar 80030, Bali, Indonesia. E-mail: . Website: / . (Howard). Also heard 1305-1332, Tu Sep 25, 34343. (Harold Sellers/BC Canada)
9680.05, RRI-4 Jakarta, Cimanggis, 1127-1200. Mmusic, 1130 station identification to comments in Bahasa Indonesian while music in background. Tune being played is 'Anchors Aweigh'.Many mentions of Indonesia. Good clear signal. (Chuck Bolland/FL). Signal bothered by Firedrake Sep 18-21 in California from before 1200 to past 1400. (Ron Howard/CA)

3325, RRI Palangkaraya, 1335. Bahasa Indonesian songs. Fanfare music and couple of  “Radio Republik Indonesia” IDs. SINPO 25332. (Harold Sellers/BC Canada)

4869.90v, RRI Wamena, 1159-1332. Still with very erratic broadcasting; RRI jingle, Love Ambon, Jakarta news relay, 1329 phone conversation. Signal covered at *1332 with sign on of Kurdistan clandestine. (Ron Howard/CA)

9526, Voice of Indonesia, Cimanggis. Again on the air, 1602-1655, with Arabic program. Low audio. (Pankov) DXW 463)

9680.06, RRI Jakarta, 1134-1145. Pop songs, in Bahasa Indonesia talking about “non-professional journalist”, “journalism professional”, “engineering”, “force commander” and “construction.”Signal fair to almost good reception. MP3 audio at . (Ron Howard/CA)

5964.71, Klasik Nasional, Kajang, 1159-1203. Bahasa Malay ID, news(?), SINPO 3332. Interference was Chinese broadcast on 5955 with a very strong signal. (Wagai/DX Window 463). Also heard at 1343-1400, with songs and commericals at 1345 and 1356, SINPO 44343. Noted at 1400 interference from China Radio Int'l's Korean service (Harold Seller/BC Canada)

6050.05, Asyik FM, Kajang, 1347-1417. Bahasa Malay pop music, DJ frequently on phone with listeners. SINPO 44343. (Harold Sellers/BC Canada)

7295, Traxx FM, Kajang, 1406-1510. English, Western pop music. Female DJ gave ID as “Radio Malaysia Traxx FM.” Played a Jennifer Lopez song for listener Rebecca, 1500 news and sports, SINPO 34443. (Harold Sellers/BC Canada). Also heard at 1730-1759 with oldies, time announcement, and news in English. SINPO 44444. (Giroletti and Liangas/DXW 463)

9835, RTM Sarawak, via Kajang, 1742. Pop music and ID "WAY FM", SINPO 44444 // 11665. (Giroletti/DXW 463)

5964.7, R Klasik, Kajang, 1340. Malay, soft pop Malaysian music from female DJ to 1349 Announcer's talk with mention s of “R-T-M” and one of their new name “Radio Klasik” (ex-Klasik Nasional). SINPO 43343 until 1358:45 when China Radio International came on and ruined reception. (Harold Sellers/BC Canada)

6050, Asyik FM/Salam FM, via Kajang, 1440. Bahasa Malay, popular Malaysian music. Female host with several mentions of Asyik and Asyik FM, she took several calls from listeners calling in with greetings (possibly to friends and families and perhaps music requests?). Time pips at 1500 to “Salam FM” ID upon switch to this Islamic programming, choir (national anthem?). “Salam FM” ID repeated, followed by Islamic program. SINPO 44444. (Harold Sellers/BC Canada)

9835, RTM, Sarawak FM, via Kajang, 1503-1831. Bahasa Malay news to music and announcement at end before headlines repeated at 1509. Nice pop songs, SINPO 34333. (Harold Sellers/BC Canada)