Monday, October 22, 2012

Winter plans for Voice of the Andes


Constantine Massalitin (Voronezh studio "Revelation") reported that the "Voice of the Andes" in the winter season in Russian will be broadcast via the new transmitter - this time in Nauen, Germany, at a
frequency of 13740 kHz. Schedule of broadcasts - Saturdays from 1530-1630, first aired Nov 3.
13740 kHz 1530-1630 UT zone 29S, NAU 100kW 95degr 7=Sat 281012-300313 HCJ

At a frequency of 3995 kHz broadcast will be open daily from 0300 UT. Information from the DX Courier:

From 1800 UT Accept "Herald of Christian Science" in Russian 9585 kHz (Wertachtal, Germany 100 kW). SINPO 55444.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, deneb-radio-dx via midxb Oct 16)
(WWDXC/Top News 1082)