Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blog Logs

* sign-on  / sign-off*   // parallel frequency

All times UTC 

Logs edited for clarity

11711, R.A.E. 0233 English service with lady announcer's Argentine national news. Fair signal noted. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

9395, Voice of Russia relay at 0303. Spanish service with news. Good signal and noted on parallel 7210 via Moscow transmitter, for fair signal. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

15105, Bangladesh Betar, *1227-1300.* Sign on with interval signal. Opening English announcements at 1230. English news. Subcontinent music. Poor to fair signal with slight hum in audio and noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX) 

6154.95, Radio Fides, La Paz. Fair signal clear of interference and static at 0959 tune in. Morning news program already in progress. Included national, local and international items (heard items for Santa Cruz, Bolivia, La Paz, Peru; and the Middle East  -- “un nuevo bombardeo en Gaza, el dia de hoy”).  Musical stingers between items and very precise time checks regularly provided by the  announcer, including “Las 6 de la manana, 6 minutos y 42 segundos . . .”. Bolivian folkloric musical burst at 1008 during ads, then more news, regional items for Bolivia. Hetrodyne and other nterference building toward bottom of the hour, as Fides began fading down and Asian stations fading up.  By 1030, entire frequency was a mess and left the station. According to station’s website, signs on  at  0945 and this first show runs to 1030, called “Saratasiñani” and the host is Felipa Peña. (Ralph Perry, IL/Cumbre DX)

4716.7, Radio Yatun Ayllu Yura 0049. Spanish programming of lively, modern Bolivian song. Poor signal. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

4877.34v, Radio Roraima, 0350-0359.* Portuguese announcements. Station ID's to Brazilian pop music. National anthem at 0355. Frequency slightly unstable and slightly distorted. Was on 4877.31 at 0350. 4877.28 at 0355. 4877.34 at 0357. 4877.30 at 0359. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

6009.93, Radio Inconfidência, 2215-2230. Portuguese announcements to station ID at 2217. Ads,  promos and station jingles.  Talk noted on  // 15191.40 - both frequencies fair. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX) 

6010.08v, LV de tu Conciencia, 1000-1035. Some Spanish talk but mostly just a continuous wide variety of music  including Spanish inspirational music, some traditional religious music, local Colombian music and lite  instrumental music.Good signal strength but frequency constantly varying between 6010.02-  6010.10, including one very abrupt 1 second change at 1016 from 6010.08 down to 6010.02. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX) 

9720, Radio Cairo 0244 English service with Radio Cairo presents Listeners’ Mail.” I listened for a couple  of minutes while she talked about Radio Cairo programs, but didn’t read any letters, and then played an  Arabic song. Modulation was deficient,as usual, but I could understand most of what she said. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

Equatorial Guinea
15190, Radio Africa, 1558-1605. Tune-in just in time to hear a Radio Africa ID along with email address and contact information. U.S. produced English religious programming at 1559. Fair signal. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

4990, AIR Itanagar, 1420-1425. English text heard as, “Good evening, this is All India Radio Itanagar. The news read by . . .”. Newscast, sports and weather. Continued news with, "thirteen houses were gutted in a major fire mishap at Siyom Colony at Aalo in West Siang district on Friday last,  leading to a huge loss of property. Even though the army, air force and police along with fire tenders were pressed into service immediately it took time to control the fire. There have been no reports of any casualties.” Item on chess tournament into Hindi. Signal almost fair. My local sunrise at 1456 UTC. Audio at: www.box.com/s/k7b4n8l0zj9hvn9ewn0x (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

4920, AIR, Chennai 0030 Tamil service (per listings). Speed segment to 0034:30 announcement to 0035 newscast in English, but too weak to understand anything. Very weak (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

5010, AIR, Thiruvananthapuram 0039. English news, also heard on 4920. Indian music at 0040, and speaker in Hindi. No longer //4920. Very poor signality quality. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

6885, Galei Zahal 0305. Hebrew programming with Western pop music to female host. Poor and noisy signal with occasionaldeep and extended fades (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

 5995, RTVM, 2350-0002.* Strong carrier only. No audio heard. Quite a difference from just 16-18 hours  earlier when they had a very good, strong signal with talk and Afro-pop music.Additional monitoring: 9635, RTVM, *0800-0830+, sign on with local flute interval signal and opening French ID announcements. Vernacular talk at 0801. Rustic local flute music at 0808. Local guitar music.
Indigenous vocals. Fair signal strength but deteriorated to a very weak condition by 0830. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX)

6185, Radio Educacion 0002 Spanish. Choral national anthem at 0003. Station ID to station and program announcements and Mexican folklorica music. Poor signal. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

9705.58v, LV du Sahel, 2100-2300.* Only heard vernacular talk at various checks during this time period. Quran at 2254. Flute interval signal and national anthem at 2258. Short test tone at 2300 and off. Threshold signal at 2100. Slowly improved to a weak but readable signal by sign off.Frequency still drifting. Measured on 9705.58 at 2100, slowly drifting down to 9705.40 at 2215 and 9705.39  at sign off. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre DX) 

15140 Radio Sultanate of Oman. Signal very strong at 1852 with end of call-in program. Noted station promo to Arabic music. Newscast heard after 1900. No doubt the best signal ever heard here. Dropped down drastically and was poor by 1959. (Davo Valko, PA/Cumbre DX)

 4747.10, Radio Huanta 2000. Signal fair/good reception with strong signal but a noisy morning. Announcer's lengthy public service announcement or commercial for “productos cubanos”, then followed by announcer duo in discussion about these imports. At 1023, more normal programming resumed with locutor annoucing  “ . . . esta programacion llega Uds. a traves de Radio Huanta,  en la ciudad de Huanta . . .” with a 5:23 a.m. time check and then into program of peppy folkloric music on electric guitar – interesting fusion!  (Ralph Perry, IL/Cumbre DX)

4765, TR1-Radioi Tojikiston 0056. Presumed Tajik (somewhat Arabic sounding) with music. Announcement at 0059 to instrumental music. Lady announcer at 0100 woman with very clear “In jo Dushanbe.” ID followed by man briefly and then more indigenous Tajik singing. Fair siganl and improving. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)