Friday, November 09, 2012

Vatican Radio, winter schedule

Vatican Radio - B12

Effective: 28 October 2012 - 30 March 2013

All times UTC

Amharic to Ethiopia and Eritrea
0400-0415 daily EaAF 7360SMG 13765MDC
1630-1645 daily EaAF 13765SMG 15570SMG

Amharic/Russian/Armenian/Ukrainian (Oriental Liturgy/Campane)
0927-1050 Sun WeEUR 11740SMG 58 / 83 / 98 degr
0927-1050 Sun EaAF 15595SMG 49 / 89 / 121 degr
17590SMG 72 / 98 / 130 degr

Oriental Rite Liturgies
The various Eastern liturgies are broadcast every Sunday from 0930 UT.  Byzantine-Romanian liturgy: every Sunday to Eastern Europe, and also on  January 1st, June 29th, August 15th, September 14th, December 25th.

Byzantine-Slavonic liturgy:
January 7th, January 19th, April 7th, August 28th, October 14th.
Byzantine-Ukrainian liturgy: every Sunday to Eastern Europe, and also on January 7th, January 19th, April 7th, August 28th, October 14th.
0927-1050 Sun WeEUR 11740SMG 58 degr
0927-1050 Sun EaEU/NE 15595SMG 49 degr
17590SMG 72 degr

Maronite liturgy every fifth Sunday of the month.
Eastern Church to Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Israel.

0927-1050 Sun WeEUR 11740SMG 98 degr
0927-1050 Sun EaAF 15595SMG 121 degr
17590SMG 98 degr

Armenian liturgy: every third Sunday of the month.
0927-1050 Sun WeEUR 11740SMG 83 degr
0927-1050 Sun EaEU/NE 15595SMG 89 degr
17590SMG 72 degr

Ge'ez Ethiopia-Eritrea liturgy: every first Sunday of each month.
0927-1050 Sun EaAF 15595SMG 107 degr
17590SMG 130 degr

Angelus [CUSCIN.+ ANN. 1050-1100 UT]
1100-1129 Sun NoAF 17590SMG
1100-1129 Sun WeAF 17590SMG
1100-1129 Sun SoAF 21680SMG
1100-1129 Sun SoAS 15595SMG
1100-1129 Sun WeEUR 6075SMG 7250SMG 9645SMG
1100-1129 Sun WeEUR 11740SMG 100kW 310deg
1100-1129 Sun NoEaEUR 11740SMG 250kW 55deg
1100-1129 Sun NE/ME 15595SMG

0500-0528 daily NoAF 9645SMG
0500-0528 daily NE/ME 11715SMG
0745-0805 Mon-Sat WeEUR 6075SMG
0745-0805 Mon-Sat NoAF 9645SMG
0745-0805 Mon-Sat NE/ME 11740SMG 15595SMG
1630-1658 daily NE/ME 9635SMG 11935SMG
2140-2159 daily EUR/NoAF 3975usbSMG 6040SMG 146 and 234degr 7250SMG

0310-0329 daily CeAS 6185SMG 7335SMG
1650-1709 daily CeAS 6185SMG 7360SMG

1800-1819 daily EaEUR 6185SMG

0030-0100 daily SoAM 7305GB

1227-1300 daily EaAS 6020IRK 11865PHT 15495PUG
2200-2230 daily EaAS 7395PHT 9600PHT 15460TIN

Holy Mass in Chinese 
Every Saturday, at 1230-1310 UT, and on December 24th at 1600 UT.

0140-0159 daily SoAS 7410TAC 9560SMG
0300-0320 daily SoAS 15460PUG
0300-0327 daily CeAF 9660SMG 11625MDC
0500-0527 daily EaSoAF 7360SMG 13765MDC
0630-0657 daily NoWeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG
0730-0744 Mon-Sat NE/ME 15595SMG
1530-1549 Sun-Fri SoAS 7585TAC
1530-1550 Sun-Fri SoAS 15595TIN 15775drm!SMG
1715-1729 daily NE/ME 11935SMG
1730-1757 daily EaCeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG 15570SMG
2000-2027 daily WeCeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG

English (Mass)
1130-1200 Fri NE/ME 17590SMG 21650SMG
1530-1600 Sat SoAS 7585TAC 15595TIN 15775drm!SMG

Holy Mass in English
For pastoral reasons, at 1130 UT each Friday, the Holy Mass in English is broadcast mainly for immigrant catholic workers in the Middle-East and in South-East Asia. (A Mass in English is also broadcast on Saturday at 1530-1558 UT.

0430-0457 daily EaCeAF 7360SMG 13765MDC
0600-0627 Mon-Sat NoWeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG
0715-0730 Mon-Sat NE/ME 15595SMG
1700-1715 daily NE/ME 11935SMG
1700-1727 daily EaCeAF 13765SMG 15570SMG
2030-2100 daily WeCeAF 11625SMG
2030-2057 daily WeCeAF 13765SMG

0040-0100 daily SoAS 7410TAC 9560SMG
0200-0220 daily SoAS 15460PUG
1430-1450 daily SoAS 7585TAC 15595TIN

Indian replica (Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, English, 20mins each)
0200-0320 daily SoAS 15460PUG

0700-0715 Mon-Sat NE/ME 15595SMG
1300-1320 daily NE/ME 15595SMG
1300-1320 daily WeCeAF 21680SMG

Italian (Mass)
0830-0913 Sun WeEUR 7250SMG Bells -0927 UT

Holy Mass in Italian
Live from Vatican Radio's "Chapel of the Annunciation."
Sundays at 0830 UT, January 1st, January 6th, August 15th, November 1st, December 25th.

Latin (Mass, Campane, Bells)
0630-0659 daily WeEUR 3975usbSMG
0630-0710 daily WeEUR 6075SMG 26 and 326 deg 7250SMG
0630-0710 daily SoEaEUR/NoEaAF/NE/ME 9645SMG
0630-0710 daily NE/ME 15595SMG

0120-0140 daily SoAS 7410TAC 9560SMG
0240-0300 daily SoAS 15460PUG
1510-1530 daily SoAS 7585TAC 15595TIN

Papal Audience
0905-1100 Wed WeEUR 6075SMG

0530-0558 daily WeAF 7360SMG
0530-0558 daily CeSoAF 11625SMG 13765MDC
1800-1828 daily EaCeAF 11625SMG
1800-1830 daily EaCeAF 13765SMG
1800-1830 daily WeAF 15570SMG

Romanian (Liturgy)
0710-0727 Sun EaEUR 7250SMG 9645SMG

Rosary [extended special occasion -2010 UT]
1940-1959 daily WeEUR 3975usbSMG 6075SMG
1940-1959 daily NE/EaCeAF 9755SMG
1940-1959 daily WeAF 11625SMG
1940-1959 daily all AF 13765SMG

Rosary in Latin
At the end of the day, at 1940 UT, the Rosary is broadcast in Latin,  in collaboration with more than 15 secular and religious groups, and  schools of Rome Occasionally also by groups of pilgrims from numerous  Western and Eastern countries.

1332-1400 daily CeAS 6070TAC 9695SMG
1710-1738 daily EaEUR 6185SMG 7360SMG

Holy Mass in Russian
Second and fourth Sunday of the month, at 0930 UT.
0927-1050 Sun WeEUR 11740SMG 58 degr
0927-1050 Sun EaEU/NE 15595SMG 49 degr
17590SMG 72 degr

0345-0359 Sun EaAF 7360SMG 11625MDC
1630-1658 Sat EaAF 13765SMG 15570SMG

0200-0245 daily SoAM/CUB 7305GB
1130-1200 daily CeAM/CUB 7305GB
1900-1930 Sat EaAF 11625SMG 13765SMG

0330-0344 Sun ECAF 9660SMG 11625MDC
0330-0358 Mon-Sat ECAF 9660SMG 11625MDC
1600-1614 Sat ECAF 13765MDC 15570SMG
1600-1628 Sun-Fri ECAF 13765MDC 15570SMG

0100-0120 daily SoAS 7410TAC 9560SMG
0220-0240 daily SoAS 15460PUG
1450-1510 daily SoAS 7585TAC 15595TIN

Tigrinya to ETH/ERI
0415-0428 daily EaAF 7360SMG 13765MDC
1645-1658 daily EaAF 13765SMG 15570SMG

1740-1759 daily EaEUR 6185SMG 7360SMG

Ukrainian (Liturgy)
0712-0843 Sun EaEUR 9850SMG 11740SMG

0025-0039 Mon/Thu SoAS 7410TAC[alternate ERV] 9560SMG
0320-0335 Mon/Thu SoAS 15460PUG replica
1415-1429 Wed/Sun SoAS 7585TAC 15595TIN

1315-1400 daily SoEaAS 11835PHT 15495TIN
2315-2400 daily SoEaAS 9600PHT 12035PHT

Cancelled languages short waves: Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Esperanto, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian (except Liturgy), Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish. Cancelled all European transmissions short waves in English, French, Italian (except Liturgy), Spanish and Portuguese. Cancelled Arabic 0745-0805 Mon-Sat. Cancelled morning transmissions SW in Belarussian, Russian, and Ukranian.
(Vatican Radio schedule via Andreas Volk-D Munich Germany ADDX, column transformed and updated by wb wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 16 via BCL)