Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Electronic QSLing...the list grows!

Best of the Best - QSL Tips - Electronic QSLing
Several years ago, as the internet began to take off and set the hobby on fire, I made a prediction to friends and hobbyists. I predicted electronic QSLing would become a standard used by broadcasters to offset the cost of high postage. As crazy as it seemed in 2000, it has become a reality, much to the dismay of many a collector who prefer a personal reply, including myself.
Electronic QSLing via email has become an alternative trend used by shortwave, clandestine, pirate and utility stations. Unfortunately, the list broadens each month (as do the tempers!) and now include clandestine, pirates, utility,medium wave and FM.
Why not consider using my cut and paste method to electronic QSLing? Using your favorite word processing program, cut and paste your email verification into a blank page. Adjust the font size, or use a decorative style, graphics, or add color to the text. Colored or acid free designer paper is readily available at office supply or discount chain stores. Slipped into a top-loading document protector, it improves the appearance over a stale email message.
Is free one of your favorite words when it comes to cost-cutting in your radio hobby? Sending reception reports via email is an alternative. There is no postage cost, creative enclosures, the threat of postal theft, or funny looks from a postal clerk.
Not sure on AM/FM or utility electronic reporting? Try using a google search at http://www.google.com with the call, station name or frequency, and you may just find a website with an email link.
Electronic QSLing may not be the preferred response, but surely it is better than none at all. Get creative and keep me informed of your replies!
(Gayle Van Horn/Teak Publishing)