Wednesday, July 31, 2013

National Holiday QSLing

Here is a neat little tip you may not have thought about when planning your listening schedule. All countries have national holidays, but have you considered listening to them on their special day or holiday? Listeners may find special programming or extended broadcast hours to honor that special day, holiday or event. Many listener's take advantage of this excellent opportunity by sending reception reports for the particular country on this special holiday.

Don't forget to mention in your station correspondence any special event or holiday you may have heard mentioned during the broadcast. The QSL Manager or other staff member will likely appreciate your interest in their country, and may send some extra memorabilia your way.

August begins my exclusive month-by-month listing of national holiday/independence days to assist you in monitoring various national celebrations. I have also added the country capital name and any variant spellings of the name as part of this listing. Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are national holidays. This list works very well, whether as a shortwave listener or an amateur radio operator.

National Holiday/Independence Day Date Country Capital

Cook Islands Constitution Day* 1st Monday Avarua
Benin Independence/National Day* (from France) August 1 Porto-Novo
Switzerland Founding of the Swiss Federation* August 1 Bern
Macedonia St. Elijah's Day and Ilinden* August 2 Skopje
Niger Independence (from France) August 3 Niamey
Burkina Faso Independence (from France) August 5 Ouagadougou
Iran Constitution Monarchy Day* August 5 Tehran
Bolivia Independence Day* (from Spain) August 6 La Paz
Jamaica Independence Day* (from UK) August 6 Kingston
Cote d'Ivoire Independence Day* (from France) August 7 Yamoussoukro
Bhutan Independence (from India) August 8 Thimphu
Singapore Independence Day* (from Malaysia Federation) August 9 Singapore
Ecuador Quito Independence Day* August 10 Quito
Chad Independence Day* (from France) August 11 N'Djamena
Central African Republic Independence (from France) August 13 Bangui
Pakistan Independence (from UK) August 14 Islamabad
Bahrain Independence (from UK) August 15 Manama
Congo Republic Independence Day* (from France) August 15 Brazzaville
India Independence (from UK) August 15 New Delhi
Liechtenstein Assumption Day* August 15 Vaduz
North Korea Independence (from Japan) August 15 Pyongyang
South Korea Liberation Day* (from Japan) August 15 Seoul
Cyprus Independence (from UK) August 16 Nicosia (Lefkosia)
Gabon Independence (from France) August 17 Libreville
Indonesia Independence Day* (from Netherlands) August 17 Jakarta
Afghanistan Independence Day* (from UK control) August 19 Kabul

Estonia Independence (from Soviet Union) August 20 Tallinn
Hungary St. Stephen's Day* August 20 Budapest
Latvia Independence (from Soviet Union) August 21 Riga
Russia Independence (from Soviet Union) August 24 Moscow
Ukraine Independence Day* (from Soviet Union) August 24 Kiev (Kyyiv)
Belarus Independence Day* (from Soviet Union) August 25 Minsk
Uruguay Independence Day* (from Brazil) August 25 Montevideo
Moldova Independence Day* (from Soviet Union) August 27 Chisinau (Kishinev)
Azerbaijan Independence (from Soviet Union) August 30 Baku (Baki, Baky)
Turks and Caicos Island Constitution Day* August 30 Grand Turk (Cockburn Town)
Kygyzstan Independence Day* (from Soviet Union) August 31 Bishkek
Malaysia Independence/Malaysia Day* (from UK) August 31 Kuala Lumpur
Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day*(from UK) August 31 Port-of-Spain
(Gayle Van Horn/World QSL Book)