Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog Logs

A sampling from shortwave monitoring. Contributions are always welcome to: teakpub @

All times UTC/ frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency
* Sign-on  / Sign-off *
English unless otherwise indicated

Logs edited for clarity

7360, China Radio Int'l relay via via Cerrik 1944. French service including Beatle's Hey Jude tune. French/Chinese language lesson program. Observed poor signal quality. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada).

7464.976, Radio Tirana via Shijak. 0040. Only tiny S-3-4 signal on back signal of North American service in Albanian. Distorted by utility digital mode 7465.7 to 7474.5 kHz. (wb, GermanyWWDXC Top Nx)

9570, China Radio Int'l relay via Cerrik 0058. "CRI" identification, followed by portions of a Chinese language lesson program. (Frank Hillton, SC)

11710.9 RAE 0205. English music feature to station ID at 0209. Station ID as, "International Service of Argentine Radio." SIO 333 with noted interference. Additional log 0431 in possibly Chinese (or Japanese ?) with Afro and Latin music. Time pips at 0230 to "RAE" identification. SIO 343 (Harold Frodge, MI/MARE 766).

4835, VL8A Northern Terr. SW Svc/Alice Springs 1315. Announcer duo presented English folk/country countdown music program. References to Ernest Tubb as a  "troubador." SIO 333 // 2325 VL8T Tennant Creek // 2484 VL8K Katherine was fair, though it is usually the weakest signal. (Harold Frodge, MI/MARE 766)

15525, HCJB Global Australia/Kununrra Australia 2230. Station sign-on signal as "HCJB" followed by Asian language program (Mandarin ?) Poor signal conditions (Vance/MARE 766)

11700, HCJB Global Australia/Kununrra Australia 1157-1215.* Male announcer in listed Rawang service with religious talk and text. Music ballad at 1209. Brief mentions from announcer at 1212 with wind instruments. Station identification announcement in English and off at 1215. Signal fair at best. (Scott Barbour, NH)

15105, Bangladesh Betar 1230-1240. Sign-on station identification to 1231. Newscast beginning with "Salaam Alekum" to 1238 into an English feature on Bangladesh trade. SIO 3+44 with raspy buzz interference. (Harold Frodge, MI?MARE 766).

6160, CKZN St. John's Newfoundland 2116-2123+. Performance Hour in English  interview with musician Richard Neville and references to Labrador. SIO 3+43+; 1200-1210+. Subsequent monitoring 1210 with CBC News to weathr for "the Island." (Harold Frodge, MI/MARE 766)

6160, CKZN St. John's Newfoundland 1215. CBC program including interview with a shipwreck diver's new book to 1230 newscast. Fair signal. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

9410, CNR-5 Beijing, 1126-1135. Recorded speech of animated speaker. Studio announcer at 1129 with ballad through 1130. Station ID over the music at 1132. Good signal quality (Scott Barbour, NH)

15370, ESAT Radio via Bulgaria 1700. Amharic service. Carrier noted on before 1700. Music and announcements, possible station ID. Assumed newscast for very good signal noted with some dual-path echo. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

9720, Radio Cairo 0212-0217. Koran readings with announcer's translations. Signal distorted, the modulation was enough to hear. Signal pips to :15, and news script. SINPO 4+4452 degrading to )=1+ during the news. (Zichi/MARE 766).

9705, Voice of America via Lamperheim, Germany 1717. Kurdish service with female host. Clips of taped English comments concerning the Syrian peace talks in Switzerland. Fair signal quality. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada).

4750 (Sulawesi) RRI Makassar 1146. Indonesian program with text and phone calls. Music tunes and newscast at 1200 // 3325. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada).

9370, VOA-Deewa Radio 1650. Pashto service with announcer's talk and text. Audio clips of English speech including mentins of "refugees." Very poor signal under Overcomer Ministries from WWRB. 15540, 1800 with English sign-on with ID, followed by marching band music and program about Islam at 1801. Poor signal quality. (Harold Frodge, BC Canada).

4760, ELWA 2235-2248. Religious program's focus on missionaries in Africa. Mentions of Middle East and Islamic/Christian conflicts. SIO 2+53 (Harold Frodge, MI/MARE 766)

7295, RTM Trax FM 0030. Noted with Malaysian pop music. Noted on 9835 RTM Sarawak FM Radio with unstable modulated audio feed (or transmitter fault ?) Brief breaks 0057 between from Sarawak to K-L Kajang transmitter site center ? Audible on 11665 but different RTM Sarawak service with much better audio feed at the same time. No audio breaks, S=9+5dBm at 0100. (wb, WWDXC Top Nx)

4755.5, The Cross Radio 1147. Several Christian songs to station's sign-off at 1157. Very poor signal. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada).

North Korea
11735 Voice of Korea 0412-0419+. Commentary on "Inter-Korean relations." SIO 353 // 13760 SIO 1+33 with buzz interference // 15180.(Harold Frodge, MI/MARE 766)

3240, TWR-Africa 0340. Tune-in for English ID, followed by two plays of station interval signal. (Wolfish/MARE 766)

4775, TWR Africa 0358-0405. Signal off briefly for antenna adjustment, return with German service programming. Bits of swiper interference.(Zichi/MARE 766).

7445, Radio Taiwan International 1143. Male/female duo in discussion, followed by a few music tunes. Closing with, "you are listening to Radio Taiwan International." Poor signal quality (Harold Sellers, BC Canada).