Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Monitoring Myanmar

All times UTC/ frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency
* Sign-on  / Sign-off *
English unless otherwise indicated

Logs edited for clarity

5915.0, Myanma Radio, Naypyidaw, 0951-0955. SignL in the clear UNtill covered by CRI *0955. (Howard). Also heard at 1018-1205, Dec 28 with flute musicl SignL S=7-8 improving to S=9+15dB on remote unit in Sri Lanka, better than signals from Yangon. (Bueschel)

5985.84, Myanma Radio, Yegu. Yangon, not on air at 1030. (Bueschel). But heard at *1129, Dec 27, open carrier at 1127. On with indigenous theme music in vernacular. Frequently changing transmitter here! On Dec 25 heard Naypyidaw on 5985.00. (Howard). Heard on remote unit in Sri Lanka at 1147, Dec 28, singer group on air. Strength only S=8-9. (Bueschel).

Also heard on 5985.87, 1527-1530, Dec 24. Traditional Burmese music, 1530 into English with ID, frequencies (announced 5985 kHz), and then news, 43343, somewhat muffled audio. (Sellers)

6164.99, Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, 1022-1141, Dec 28. Nice girl singing, S=7-8 signal improving to S=9+20dB noted on SDR remote unit in Colombo. (Bueschel). Also heard at 1430, Dec 24 and Jan 04, English, introductory music and then woman with “good evening” greeting. Station ID, frequencies and English pop song. At 1435:30 woman back and into news and weather, 1442 song “Last Christmas” by George Michael and WHAM! SINPO 33433, QRM from CNR6. (Sellers)

7200.103, Myanma Radio, Yegu, Yangon, 1008, Dec 27. Quick check found them fair. (Howard). Also heard at 1026-1210, Dec 28, S=8-9 fluttery signal improving to S=9+15dB in Sri Lanka. At 1030 no ±15 kHz spurs either side this time ! But at 1210 also observed the two accompanied spurious on exact ±14249 Hertz away either side, stronger on 7185.854, but also on 7214.353 next to CRI Russian powerhouse. (Bueschel)

7345.0, Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, 1025-1204, Dec 28. Local girl in scheduled Kachin language. S=9+15dB signal improving to S=9+20dB noted on remote receiver in Sri Lanka. (Bueschel)

9459.90, Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, 0438, Dec 28. Burmese heard at proper S=9 signal level on remote unit on Sri Lanka. Modern pop music with local South Asian tone flavor.  (Bueschel)

9590.0, Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, *0430, Dec 28. Strong carrier, start of typical Burmese national domestic program in Lhao, a lot of xylophone music. Signal S=8-9. Also noted a few seconds on air by probably technical check of the engineer at 1011, on remote receiver unit in Sri Lanka. (Bueschel)

9730.80v, Myanma Radio, Yegu, Yangon, 1010, Dec 27. Heard with slight drift. A check at 1103 found they had switched transmitter to Nay Pyi Taw on exactly 9730.00. Really in a state of flux! (Howard). Also heard on 9730.82 on remote post in Sri Lanka, at 0425, Dec 28. Dance music box and nice Burmese girl singer, fair level S=8-9. Also heard at 1005, Dec 28, with music phone-in program, S=9+10dB signal noted on SDR remote unit in Colombo. (Bueschel)
(DSWCI/DX Window 496)