Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Specials from DX Stamp Service

Dear Customer,

Below are specials for May 2015.

If you need a current stamp list or supply list, I can email it to you. Stamp list now shows the countries with their own international forever stamps that I have in stock. Stamp list now highlights a few that offer priority and non-priority international mailing options.

NEWS: UK, version 2.0...Now supplying the 20g rate of 1,33 instead of 10g ww rate of 1,00. A few customers mention their UK contacts sometimes say 10g rate not enuf for some heavy weight QSLs. Stamps are valid for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It's good to list the specific "country" when you order as I have UK stamps with country emblems on them and ur dx contact would appreciate seeing that...much like a dxer in Philadelphia would like to see a Liberty Bell stamp. Units will be made up with 2 x 1st (their forever stamp, 63p) plus a 7p stamp. Selling price of $1.90 will remain. Hopefully, I won't hear the bogus complaint that 1st stamps can't be used on international mail....

Fax Number dropped. 22 yr old fax machine finally went. Things just don't last anymore. Probably received about five fax orders during the past 12 months. I don't think I'll bother replacing it.

  Jersey now 85p for 20g  and 75p for 10g. I'll supply the 20g rate now.
  Isle of Man increases May 5th:  1,24 for 20g
IN STOCK AGAIN: Argentina and South Korea

STAMPS ON BACK ORDER: Algeria, Fiji, Morocco.

BACK ORDERS will now be sent with your next stamp order, unless I have several to send you.  Am losing money by sending out one at a time. Sorry.

Save Big on your domestic mailings when you plaster
your envelope with colorful stamps.

49c Units
 in 2 stamps
 in 3 stamps
 in 4 stamps
 in 5 stamps

x 100

x 200

x 400

(Three stamps mean 49c unit is made with 3 stamps: 22c, 22c and 5c for example)

100 x 32c - $27     300 x 32c - $73

$100 Grab Bag - $75     $300 Grab Bag - $205

Values from 3c to 29c in envelopes of 100 ea. I'll send a good mix.    


Mostly booklets containing 25c stamps

$400 face value for $285 !!

Only one remaining! Please buy me!!
For US postage deals, payment by CREDIT CARD IS OK!!

 No charge for shipping US postage deals to US addresses.
2 Russia-$2.60    3 Japan-$3.90   2 France-$3.60
    Austria :D: -$2.50    Finland :np: - $1.20
2 Spain-$3.40

200/200 European Air Mailers and Air Returns -$40.00
200/200 Stateside Mailers and Returns - $19.00
Priority Mail Shipping Rates: Orders up to $16.00 add $6.50, orders from $16.01 to $40.00 add $9.00, orders from $41.00 to $100.00 add $15.00. orders from $101.00 to $150.00 add $20.00, orders over $150.00 add 15%. When ordering supplies and stamps, the stamps ride free, just use supply total to figure shipping costs. Shipments to Canada and overseas ship at a greater cost. (01/2014)

Stamps Only Orders: Just add $1.00 P&H for posting to USA, add $2.00 for posting to Canada.

73, bill

William Plum
12 Glenn Road
Flemington, NJ 08822
908 788 1020