Monday, May 18, 2015

Dunamis Shortwave Loggings

4750 Dunamis Shortwave, Mukono. May 5, 2015 at 1800 UT noted gospel songs on 4750 kHz with poor/fair reception due to local noise. Later also English religious programming. Couldn't get an ID but a fellow DXer here in Finland, Jari Lehtinen, managed to hear them ID. Signed off at 1909 UT. Dunamis Shortwave, Mukono had been silent and irregular for quite some time.
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, DXplorer May 5)

4750 Dunamis SW. Per Jari's tip (tnx Yari!) Heard this station via the Perseus site in east Finland on May 6 with non-stop highlife music from 1744 tune to 1836 UT, at which time the Perseus site abruptly disconnected and I could not re-tune.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, DXplorer May 6)

4750 Dunamis, SW
Dunamis SW was better today than 6 May with signals improving steadily after 1830 UT to sign off - programming abruptly stopped in mid-song at 1917 UT and the carrier went down at 1917:29 UT. Whatever happened on 7 May was fixed today. Tuned both Karelia MWDX and TreDXK Perseus sites today with similar signal levels on both sites.

No announcement heard, and no religious programming, just local music. Decent signal strength (SINPO 2v3/3/3/3/3) with periodic utility interference both below and above the channel. Re-tuning today (May 7), good carrier presentation from same site as well as north Sweden, but audio was pretty
much non-existent. Likewise from the Brisbane site, but there the carrier was a bit weaker. Perhaps station staff is having technical issues with thetransmitter.
(Bruce Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer April 7 / 8)
(WWDXC-Top Nx 1208)