Friday, May 15, 2015

IBRA Radio frequency update

Frequency 9445 kHz, since May 13 Babcock brokery changed their client IBRA Radio program in Dari to Persia and Afghanistan to new 9445 kHz channel from Gavar Armenia relay.

Observed during 31 meter band check in remote unit in Australia at 1515 UT May 15, S=8-9 signal downunder. Mens talk mentioned often Afghanistan and Iran in 1500-1530 UT schedule.

Frequency 9590 used now by China Natl Radio PBS Xizang from Lhasa Baiding transmitter  #602 site since April 26, and adjacent 9585 kHz by powerhouse China Radio Int'l Xianyan Japanese too.
(W Bueschel/HCDX)